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The Fast Track To Website Traffic

Module 6 - Rapid Traffic Generation Using Online Video

In this video, you'll learn how to make simple, highly effective videos to generate hundreds or thousands of visitors to your website.

Notes and Resources Mentioned In This Video

You can create and distribute videos for free, or you can have them outsourced. If you want to start doing them yourself following the method outlined in the video above, here are some excellent resources -

Here's the link to Download CamStudio for free.

You can Download Audacity here

You can get Jing here

Take a 30 day trial of Camtasia Studio

You can get Open Office here

Royalty Free Pictures - Read Terms

Royalty Free Audios

Royalty Free Background Loops

Download your Royalty Free Music Loops Here

Download your Royalty Free Video Backgrounds Here

Get The List Of Video Sites To Submit To Here

I use Traffic Geyser to submit all of my videos because it's a terrific service that saves me a bunch of time. Learn More About Traffic Geyser Here

Learn More About here

Video Marketing Plan Of Action

  • Use keyword research and identify 20 keywords that you could create videos around

  • Create 20 short videos using the strategies discussed in this presentation

  • Create titles, descriptions and keyword tags for each video and save them in a Notepad file

  • Start uploading the videos to the hosting sites and consider using Traffic Geyser to really kick this into gear.

PLEASE NOTE - I no longer recommend you upload multiple versions of the same video using Traffic Geyser because YouTube in particular can now identify duplicate videos, even though they are in different formats, and you may be penalized or have your account frozen. Just take the time to create a new video to avoid this problem...

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