The power of having your own product
and affiliate program to promote it...

Since I've started affiliate programs for my various websites, my daily traffic has jumped from 31 visitors a day to as many as 500, and many of these are from affiliates sending me visitors through their affiliate links.

As I'll discuss below, much of this is very low quality 'junk' traffic, but some of it is highly targeted and is certainly worthwhile considering it doesn't cost me anything. 

This additional traffic has brought home to me the power of having your own product and then using affiliates to drive traffic to it instead of relying on search engines, Pay Per Click advertising, articles and the other traffic generation methods we've already discussed.

The two things you need to benefit from your own affiliate program are -

  • A product of some sort that you own or control

  • The knowledge and skills required to create your own top performing affiliate program

When I first started online, the thought of creating my own products never entered my mind. I was happy to sell affiliate products and just share in other people's success.

But over time, I saw that the product owners were making a growing number of sales from my efforts without having to do anything after the product was created. They earned up to half of the sale proceeds on MY traffic, and only paid me once I made a sale.

Sidebar - See my recent article - Why Affiliate Marketing Sucks for more details on why you should be moving towards creating your own products. Not sure how to get started? Watch this short video for the answer.

Once I realized this, I started creating my own products and listing them for affiliates to sell. This is a great system, but the problem for most people is, they don't have a product, and they don't know how to set up an affiliate program.

Here are two resources that can help you.

Ken Evoy's ebook Make Your Knowledge Sell also shows you step by step how to extract your experience and knowledge from inside your head and turn it into a high profit info product you can sell online.

Sales Army Secrets is a comprehensive audio and PDF system created by Jimmy Brown that shows you exactly how to set up your own affiliate program and supercharge your sales.

It cover the steps of setting up an affiliate marketing system that helps you immediately start promoting your new product through an army of affiliates.

He covers the 9 important steps to creating a successful affiliate program -

S – SETUP your program. 

A – ASSEMBLE tools. 

L – LOOK for an edge. 

E – EXPLAIN the benefits. 

S – SEARCH for partners. 

A – APPLY gentle pressure. 

R – RECRUIT indirectly. 

M – MAKE an investment. 

Y – YEARN to expand. 

If you have products you'd like to promote more effectively (or you know that your own products are the way to go) then grab a copy of Sales Army Secrets now because by creating your own products and having affiliates promote them for you, you can massively increase the size of your business with little or no increase in overheads.

An affiliate program and your own product can really multiply your website's profits. 

I really hope this article helps you to multiply the profits you make out of your online business.

Until next time,

Warmest regards,