The Secret Strategy For Leveraging Your Existing Content...

Hi again and welcome to this lesson.

How are you going with your new SBI website? Did you have a chance to complete the steps I outlined in the last message? If you did, great work.

If you're still not there yet, that's OK, just file the email message that brought you to this page away for future reference and when you're ready, get it out again and follow the steps outlined below.

OK, let's begin.

But You've Got To Capture Your Visitor's Details

Of course, you'll need a way of capturing your visitor's names and email addresses when they arrive, so that's why you need to follow the instructions outlined in the last message before you tackle this project.

If you don't have a way of capturing your visitor's details, you'll be wasting a lot of valuable time driving traffic to your site and losing them again without having the opportunity of following up and building a relationship with them over the weeks and months ahead.

So when you've set up your name capture mechanism, you're ready for the next step.

What we are going to do is leverage your existing content and turn it into articles which you can upload to the top article directories for other website publishers to use on their websites.

Your articles could be picked up by hundreds or thousands of other websites and used as content all over the web. You could become a 'Guru' in your niche market in a very short period of time using this strategy.

Why just use your content once when you can spread it around and put it to use hundreds of times?

Plus you'll have an incoming link from each article on other people's websites to yours, increasing your link popularity and ultimately Google PageRank, both of which are very important if you are trying to get high search engine rankings (which you want of course).

See how it all fits together?

Writing and submitting articles is one of the highest leverage activities you will invest your time in as you build your website. It will give you a massive edge over other sites in your niche if you do it correctly.

So, here are the steps…

Step 1. Take an existing article or story you've written for your website and change it into a 'How To' type of article.

For example, your German shepherd dog website's article on potty training new puppies would become 'Three Steps To Potty Training Your New Puppy.'

You change your article for two reasons.

One, because you don't want what's called duplicate content exactly the same as yours on thousands of other websites. It's OK if other webmasters all take your article and have duplicate content on their websites, you just don't want the same article on your website…

The other is that 'How To' articles are the most popular with readers.

People are looking for specific steps they can take now to get a result. Give them clear instructions that provide the information they are looking for and they will read your articles and recommend them to their friends as well.

Step 2. Put a 'Resource Box' at the bottom of each article directing people to a page where you can capture their name and email address and telling them why they should visit and subscribe.

Most people get this part totally wrong. I was doing it incorrectly myself until I discovered the error of my ways.

Your resource box should look like this ;

Do you need help with [problem or issue covered in article]? Then grab our free [ethical bribe to join your list] here where you'll discover [benefit 1, benefit 2 and benefit3]. You can get your copy by visiting 

NOTES: The first sentence should have a hyperlinked keyword to the squeeze page. The second link should be a raw URL.

Here's an example:

Do you need help to make money with Solo Build It? Then grab our Free coaching program where you'll learn how to choose the right niche (or repurpose your existing site), generate more visitors, and make a lot more money from Solo Build It. You can register free at 

Step 3. Become a member of at least 5 of the Article Directories below and submit your new 'How To' article to them.

Here's a list of some of the top Article Directories.

At the very least, you should submit your article to and

Submit to all of them if you have the time. Your effort will be repaid many times over…

Important Note - Please don't get sidetracked by offers for things such as Traffic Swarm and all of the other hoky stuff you'll see promoted in popups on some of these Article Directory sites. The best marketers in the business don't use this rubbish, neither should you.

Submit your articles and get outta there!

Use the formula Jimmy above to write your article and create your 'Resource Box' and include this at the end of each article.

People will read your article and visit your site to check it out. 

Some webmasters will take your article as content for their own websites and autoresponder messages and you should immediately start to see some targeted visitors arriving at your new website.

Step 6. Do this with at least 5 pages of your current content if possible. If you have to, write additional content and submit that to the Article Directories above.

Step 7. Continue writing additional content and building pages for your website. Each time you have a page you can modify into a 'How To' type of article, change it and submit it to at least 5 Article Directories (OK, one or two if you're really strapped for time).

I've already mentioned that this is an extremely high leverage activity. 

I heard marketing guru John Reese talking about one lady (she was a Life Coach I think) who wrote 3 articles a week for 12 months and submitted them to several Article Directories.

She went from near zero website traffic and just 40 ezine subscribers to over 8000 unique visitors a day and tens of thousands of ezine subscribers in just over a year.

Article marketing works. Get into it early! In 12 months time, you could be the authority in your market...a real live 'Guru'.

Automated List Building...

Your list will start to grow and your relationship building can begin…and you're in business.

Ok, that's it for today. I'd love to hear your feedback on how your article marketing strategy is going.