The lessons are coming a bit fast for me and I'm not ready to submit articles yet, what should I do?

Question - I've registered a domain and I'm busy reading Action Guide's days 6-10. I've received your lessons on using articles to generate traffic to the site but I'm not ready for that yet. What's next?

Answer - The articles lesson has come too early for you but keep it in mind for when you've built several pages of your site. It is a proven, high leverage way of getting targeted traffic to your site and is much more reliable and faster at the start than search engines if you do enough of it.

For now, don't worry about it, just file it away for later when you are ready.

First off, select your preferred template, build your home page and get it online so it can be listed and ranked by the Search Engines.

You won't see any search engine traffic for a while yet so it doesn't have to be perfect but get it up there so you can follow up with 5 or 6 more pages of content.

As you write, for now just focus on giving people great content and not how you'll monetize it, that will come later.

As you build each page, try to weave in a way of asking people to subscribe to your ezine as this will be one of the main focuses on your site or one of it's most wanted responses.

It's very important to build a list because your site will prove to be a lot more profitable over time if you do.

You can use the standard Solo Build It newsletter system or something else, but set this up (full details on how to do this are in Day 9 of the Action Guide) and then put the newsletter subscriber blocks in each page where you want them.

Once you have your first half dozen pages set up with subscriber forms on them, it's time to at least start getting some articles out into circulation. It will really help your site's profitability long-term if you do...