Are we allowed to add a "headline" inside another person's article? 

Question - Are we allowed to add a "headline" inside another's article and not have it count as us "changing their article"? 

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You aren't allowed to add anything to the actual content of the article (headlines, more text, etc.) at all or you risk running into copyright problems. What you CAN (and should always) do is to add a headline and two or three paragraphs to the start of each article, and a summary to the end of each one as well.

That way you have less chance of being penalized for having duplicate content on your site because your page is unique, and you get your reader's thoughts back onto your summary instead of the link in the article writer's resource box.

Be careful to never change anyone else's articles in any way without their permission, but adding your own personal touches before and afterwards is quite OK.

Also, you MUST always leave the authors resource box intact and it's good internet practice have a LIVE hyperlink to their website (although not everyone does this :-) 

Of course you always make sure this link opens in a new window so that your site is still open in the background.