How do I build a high ranking site around my favorite holiday spot, Bali?

Question - I love Bali but I'm worried that I won't be able to build a site that ranks well for keywords related to this popular holiday destination. I've had a look at Nori's site and it's great, but I don't know where to start for Bali. What are your thoughts?

Answer - While it's true that you will have a tough time building pages to rank well for the generic keywords like Bali restaurants, Bali lawyer, etc, there are probably hundreds and maybe thousands of keywords that you could rank well for that will lead people to these other harder-to-rank-well-for pages over time.

If you look through Nori's site (do a Google search for you'll see the file names for her pages are usually specific keywords that are much easier to rank well for.

For example, she has pages for - 







...of course there's...







offshore-corporation (difficult to rank well for but she does :-)


... and many more.

She doesn't rank well for all of these keywords but as a group they bring in enough traffic for her to do very well.

You can do the same for any holiday destination by using the Brainstormer to uncover hundreds of words with a few hundred searches each per month and building content for all of them over time.

You can also bid on these words using Google Adwords once each page is up, increasing your traffic even more. If you have a mechanism in place to capture your visitor's names and email addresses (a newsletter or Mini Course about holidays in Bali for example) them you have a chance to build an ongoing relationship with them and sell them more stuff over time.

Your goal with a website like this is to sell Bali stuff to people who love Bali when they aren't able to be there.

Just like Nori sells people Anguilla stuff all year round, she also sells accommodation, boat trips, local merchandise and other things to her loyal readers.

You could do the same thing for Bali, add your own unique voice and do really well.

Study the results you get with the search and then build pages for keyword phrases like Bali-restaurant, Bali-accommodation, Bali-honeymoons and all the other phrases you can come up with just like Nori has done.

Hope this helps.