Bonehead Bodybuilding Blunder #2

We fully understand why most lifters fall victim to this mistake...

It's simple. You want to accomplish something, and you want it as quickly as possible.

Following the logic from almost every other area of life, you come to the conclusion that the more time and effort you spend in the gym, the quicker you'll see gains.

And why wouldn't you think that?

"The more work you put into something, the better results you will achieve!"

This has always been a widely accepted "truth" that applies to most areas in life.

The harder you study, the better grades you will achieve. The more time you spend
fine-tuning your athletic skills, the better athlete you will become. The longer you spend learning to play an instrument, the better musician you will become.

Therefore, it only makes sense to assume that the more time you spend in the gym, the stronger and more muscular your physique will become, correct?

Contrary to what you might think, the answer to this question is a gigantic, definite, absolute NO!

It is in this area of bodybuilding that conventional wisdom simply does not apply.

I know what you might be asking yourself…

“What? Spending less time in the gym will actually make me bigger and stronger?”

The answer is YES!

It really will, and when we examine the muscle-growth process from its most basic roots, it becomes quite clear why this is the case.

Every single process that occurs within the human body is centered around keeping you alive and healthy. Through thousands of years of evolution the human body has become quite a fine-tuned organism that can adapt well to the specific conditions that are placed upon it.

We become uncomfortable when we are hungry or thirsty, we acquire a suntan when high amounts of UV rays are present, we build calluses to protect our skin, etc.

So what happens when we break down muscle tissue in the gym?

If you answered something to the effect of "the muscles get bigger and stronger", then congratulations! You are absolutely correct.

By battling against resistance beyond the muscle's present capacity we have posed a threat to the musculature. The body recognizes this as potentially harmful and as a natural adaptive response the muscles will hypertrophy (increase in size) to protect the body against this threat. As we consistently increase the workload from week to week the body will continue to adapt and grow.

Sound simple?

Ultimately it is, but the most important thing to realize in relation to all of this is that the muscles can only grow bigger and stronger if they are provided with sufficient recovery time in between workouts. Without the proper recovery time, the muscle growth process simply cannot take place.

Your goal in the gym should be to train with the minimum amount of volume needed to yield an adaptive response, and not a thing more.

Once you have pushed your muscles beyond their present capacity and have triggered your inner "alarm system", you have done your job. Any further stress to the body will simply increase your recovery time.

Most people train way too often and with far more sets than they really need to. High intensity weight training is much more stressful to the body than most people think. The majority of people structure their workout programs in a manner that actually hinders their gains and prevents them from making the progress that they deserve.

Here are 3 basic guidelines that you should follow if you want to achieve maximum gains:

1) Train no more than 3 days per week.
2) Do not let your workouts last for longer then 1 hour.
3) Perform anywhere from about 4-8 sets for large muscle groups (chest, back, thighs) and 3-4 sets for smaller muscle groups (shoulders, biceps, triceps, calves, abs).

If you truly train hard and are consistent, training more often or any longer than this will be counterproductive to your gains.

It really is surprising just how misguided the majority of the population is in the gym.

It's a shame really...

Anyone who has made the decision to change and is willing to put forth the effort deserves success in our opinion. Motivation and drive is one thing, but without the proper plan, it won't get you anywhere.

But imagine what your results would be like if you had BOTH the motivation AND a killer workout plan to go along with it...

You'd literally be unstoppable. It would be like the difference between a BB gun and a nuclear bomb.

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