Bonehead Bodybuilding Blunder #5
Taking Advice From The Wrong Sources

In case you didn't already know, bodybuilding and fitness is a multi-billion dollar industry, and is one of the largest markets in the world.

It seems that everyone these days is scrambling around to get in shape, and more importance is being placed on our physical appearance than ever before.

If you're reading this course right now, then you obviously place value on your appearance too, and are interested in molding a strong, muscular and defined physique.

The biggest problem that you face now is NOT actually carrying out that process by training in the gym and placing your focus on a muscle-building diet... If you have an effective program and begin seeing positive results from your efforts, then that's the easy part.

The biggest problem that you face now is finding the RIGHT program, and learning which principles to apply both in and out of the gym. With so much information circulating around on the Internet, and with muscle-building opinions varying from one end of the spectrum to the other... how will you possibly know who to listen to?

That's the topic of this lesson: "Taking advice from the wrong sources".

Below, we're going to outline a few common places where aspiring lifters get their information from, and some things to look out for...

1) Reading Muscle Magazines.

Let me let you in on a little secret...

Muscle magazines are owned by supplement companies.

"Muscle Mag" is owned by Muscle Tech.
"Iron Man" is owned by Muscle Linc.
"Muscle Media" is owned by EAS.
"Muscle Development" is owned by TwinLab.

Weider Enterprises owns basically everything else.

If you've ever wondered why over half of a muscle mag's entire content is made up of advertisements, then now you know. It's because the magazines are designed for one major purpose, and one major purpose only...

To push pills, powders and other concoctions on you that you don't really need!

In addition, the vast majority of the bodybuilders that you see across the entire publication are NOT natural trainees... They're professional bodybuilders with more steroids and hormones pumping through their bodies than most small hospitals have.

The training routines that you see in the magazines are largely submitted by these juiced up genetic freaks, and they will NOT be effective for average lifters like us.

2) Browsing Online Forums.

Large bodybuilding forums have members tallying in the tens of thousands, the majority of whom are not well educated on the subject. They're there to learn, but will also offer their thoughts and advice as well.

That's fine... I mean, we all need to learn... But you need to be very careful of who you take advice from. You might post a question and get 10 different responses, but how will you know who to listen to?

How will you know if the person responding is an informed 35 year old natural trainer with 15 years of solid experience under his belt... or a 14 year old soccer player who has only been training for a couple of months? Use forums as a place to grow your knowledge, but be very skeptical of what you read.

3) Supplement Store Salesmen.

If you've ever walked into a nutritional supplement store, then chances are that you've had that "pushy salesman" experience where the person behind the counter will do everything they can to shove as many supplements as possible down your throat.

Look... most of the them work on commission, and it's in their best interest to make MONEY, not to genuinely help you out with your program.

Enter the supplement store with your plan in mind... You should basically know what you're looking for, and tell the guy or gal behind the counter that you're "just looking".

Grab the couple of products that you need, and then get the hell out.

4) Television Infomercials.

I don't care what ANYONE says... the most effective pieces of weightlifting equipment are basic barbells, dumbbells, benches, squat racks and chinup bars.

The vast majority of equipment that you see on infomercials is both grossly overpriced and not as effective as the tools you find at your local gym.

Their job is to operate on fear by trying to convince you that you won't get the results you're looking for by using traditional equipment, and that THEIR product is the only way to go. Steer clear of these infomericals, and understand that the most basic equipment available is also the most effective.

We hope this information was useful to you...

You should now understand why you should cancel your muscle mag subscription, take in forum advice with only a grain of salt, order your supplements online and surf right on past the infomercial channels.

While this will help to make your muscle-building research an easier task, the honest truth is that there's really no reason for you to try and research all of this on your own in the first place.

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