Tips for building a website for a local business customer...

Question - I've just landed a job building a website for a local dentist. I guess I could use Dr Birch's site as a template or model for mine. Do you have any suggestions that will help me pull this off - I've only just started using Solo Build It for my own site?

Answer - Ideally you should build a website focused on the main keywords Dr Birch uses but put your client's town in them instead.

You then request people opt-in on each page as part of the normal process of them reading through your content.

'Landing pages' are more used for when you drive traffic from a paid source - Adwords, Banners, etc, or from Articles or off site sources you set up.

The coupon offer on every page is a good way to get people in the door if he's OK with that. He should be - every new patient could be worth THOUSANDS of dollars to him, so giving away half an hour is a great incentive.

Put it on each page of the site, not just the home page because you never know where people will come in to the site.

Once you have the system sorted so that people are opting in, then definitely do an ad campaign and drive more traffic to a specific landing page containing content and an offer.