If your Solo Build It site isn't 'getting the click', here's something to test...

I'm often asked by students "I've built plenty of PREselling content on my Solo Build It site, and I'm getting traffic, so why aren't people clicking through to my merchants or my sales letter?"Rocky Tapscott

After looking at their site's copy, it's usually fairly simple to see what's happening.

If you've read the book Make Your Content Presell, you'll know that PREselling is an important part of the sales cycle. This is especially important if you are sending your visitors on to an affiliate merchant, but it's just as critical if you are selling your own products.

Let the sales letter sell the product, and let your general page copy PREsell.

So, what's the mistake I see people doing in the pre-sales copy?

Well, they'll often be in the middle of a page on a topic like fly fishing and they will say something like this...

And by the way, if you are looking for the best fly fishing ebook, then check out FlyFishingTips.com. It's great!...

...and then they go back to the story.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

You can't just say something like that and expect to make stacks of sales. You'll get the odd click through but it's not enough.

While Solo Build It is great at helping you generate visitor traffic from the search engines, there's no point if you can't convert those visitors into sales.

Effective PREselling means soft selling - you still have to persuade your visitor to click on your link to visit the sales site.

Instead of a bland, hopeful statement like the one above, you need to say something like this instead...

And by the way, I just finished reading a book I grabbed at FlyFishingTips.com and I have to say it's one of the best fly fishing ebooks I've read.

What's so good about this book? 

Well John Jones who's been fly fishing for about 25 years finally answered all of the questions I haven't been able to get straight answers on since I started fishing with my dad when I was a kid. Dad was a keen fisherman but he sure didn't know any of this stuff.

He talks about stuff like what to look for in a fly fishing stream so you don't waste days in the wrong place, and why some flies work for all types of fish and others only work on specific breeds (and at specific times of the year).

He also shared exactly which flies to use in which environment so you are ready for every type of fish you're likely to encounter and gave me a full rundown of all the equipment a master angler needs, so you're always prepared for whatever mother nature throws at you

I learned more in one weekend reading John's little book than I have in the last twenty three years from talking with people about fishing.

If you are serious you should probably grab yourself a copy so you can show your fishing buddies up the next time you together :)

Anyhow, here's the link to check it out.

....and then back to your story.

Give specific, tangible benefits to get the click

See the difference - Specific, tangible benefits, conveyed with emotion, all helping to create the inbuilt desire to become a successful fisherman, and I've used John Jones's authority (John Jones who's been fly fishing for about 25 years) to boost the books' credibility.

You can't just give your readers a link and hope for the best. Hope is NOT a business strategy.

But I hear you asking, "Where am I going to find all of these benefits?" They are most likely sitting right there in the merchant's sales letter in the bullet points on the page.

Just go and grab them, then add a little bit of copy to them to turn any features into benefits. You'll see above how I've turned the features from John's sales letter into a benefit laden list of things all fishermen would want.

Effective PREselling means persuading your reader to click through to your sales page (or your merchant's sales page) by using benefits.

Test this on your Solo Build It site and let me know how you go...

Hope this helps,

Until next time,

Warmest regards,

Rocky Tapscott