Clickbank now offers recurring billing - time to create a membership site offer or monthly fee based product has just introduced a monthly billing option to their merchant's payment processing service. While it does cost a lot more to have your digital products sold through Clickbank than say Paypal, the access to their huge affiliate network and having your affiliates automatically paid every two weeks makes them hard to beat for selling digital products.

After running a program where we have to manually process affiliate payments every month and send out checks, I'd opt for Clickbank's system any day if my product was delivered digitally, unless there was a compelling reason not to...

There are rules and conditions you have to follow, but they aren't difficult to work with and I think this will be a welcome addition to Clickbanks service. In the near future I'm sure we'll see a lot more people creating recurring billing offers such as niche focused membership sites and multi-part information products to take advantage of this new system.

So, how could you use this new feature to set up your own residual income membership program?

Log into your account and check this out. You should see the banner advertising it as soon as you log in to your account - It's cool...

I really hope you can use Clickbank's new service to help get the most out of your online business.

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