How Do I Cloak My Affiliate Links And Create Page Redirects To My Affiliate Programs?

Question - How do I cloak my affiliate links so people won't steal my commissions?

Answer - For most you can use Solo Build It's Tracker Link system. Just of to Site Central and choose 'Tracker Library' and follow the instructions for creating links there.

Another way is to create a JavaScript redirect as outlined below. This is the basic technique but is very effective. 

Instead of using your longer affiliate URL you can create a simple redirect page on your website.

Here’s how to do this: 

You’ll create a page where the only content is the code below containing your affiliate link. 

Then create a link to that page instead of using your uncloaked affiliate link when you direct your visitor to the merchant. Then when people click to go to this page it’ll automatically redirect them to your affiliate link! 

For example, the code below will redirect people to Jimmy Brown's List and Traffic Newsletter...

Here’s the code to make this happen: 

Just copy and paste this code into a text editor such as notepad. 

Make sure you name your new page something short (I've called the page below in this example 'meta').

Try it now. By clicking on this link - will be redirected to Jimmy's site through my affiliate link. Pretty cool, huh?

To build your page, fill in all the boxes as shown below, and choose 'No' for all of the variables including your RSS feed and page footer because you want the page to redirect quickly and any other content will slow it down. See below...

Then paste the code above (with your affiliate URL where it says into a text box. 

You'll know your page works when you hit 'Preview', because it will immediately redirect to your affiliate merchant's product page. Build the page and then create a link to that page to direct your visitors to your affiliate link.

So now you can use the shorter and ‘cleaner’ URL in your promotions! 

This one little trick helps you get more clicks because it doesn’t look like an obvious affiliate link.