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Solo Build It Mastery Lesson 35 - More Cool Things About Article Marketing

Last time mentioned writing and submitting quality, well written articles to article directories on several occasions when I answered a question for a fellow student, and the Action Guide also makes a good case for this method of traffic generation.

However I thought I'd re-visit this topic this week because long them it is one of the absolute best strategies you can use to generate free, highly targeted website traffic.

So, what's so good about article marketing?

1) Well the big plus is that you aren't totally reliant on search engine traffic for your livelihood - if you have 100% of your traffic from Google, you and your family's lifestyle are at the mercy of a computer algorithm over which you have no control.

I don't know about you, but that idea bothers me...

You need diversified streams of traffic, and having your articles posted on hundreds or indeed thousands of websites is a good insurance policy aganist one day waking up to a business that's died overnight.

2) You can compete in highly competitive niche markets (loans, acne, financial services, etc) which pay a LOT of money for Adsense clicks, affiliate programs and in some cases offline Joint Ventures (For example - you could refer people to a local Orthodontist and receive a share of each new patient's initial (or even ongoing) consultation fees)

Let's face it, if you wanted to earn several dollars a click from Adsense in the mortgage loans market, it's gonna be practically impossible generating any traffic by having search engine optimized pages on your site or by buying clicks on Google.

There's just too much competition.

However, if you do some research on loans and write and submit say 30 good quality articles over a month, you could really see a fast surge in free visitor traffic to your mortgage loan site.

3) With articles, you typically start to get traffic within 24 to 48 hours of your first article being submitted because many article directories will showcase your article when it is first submitted, giving you an instant traffic buzz

Submitting articles allows you to start earning money from your sites immediately, instead of waiting for free search engine traffic from your ordinary content

So, now you've got your article written, what do you do with it?

First step, submit your article to because I've found that they tend to give the best quality visitor traffic and the most bang for my buck.

Then, submit your article to as many different directories as possible. You can do this manually (which can really suck after a while :-), but I use to submit my articles to thousands of publishers automatically. 

This saves me my most valuable resource - time - which I can spend writing even more articles to generate a continuous stream of fresh traffic.

Then, write another article and repeat the process.

If you can find the time to write one article a day, 3 to 5 days a week, and use to submit them all to their thousands of publishers for you, at the end of one month, you should be getting some decent traffic.

At the end of a year you could have thousands of visitors arriving at your site (or sites) every month.

Now of course, you have to make your articles interesting, and you must make sure you have a mechanism for capturing every visitor's name and email address once they arrive, to get the highest return on your article writing investment.

However, done right (and consistently over time), article marketing is one of the highest leverage activities you can undertake to build long term traffic and profits from your websites.

So, what makes an article 'good'?

  • Well, if you follow Jimmy Brown's advice, your articles will be 'useful but incomplete'

  • They will naturally draw people logically from start to finish, and have them eager to click on your resource box at the end to get more information

  • Your resource box link will direct your visitor to a page where they can opt-in to receive additional information in either a mini course or a free report in the form of a .PDF file

  • You follow up with these visitors by autoresponder, continue to give your subscribers great information, and make offers related to your niche market

  • Write more articles on the same topic, include your resource box pointing to the opt-in page

  • Rinse and repeat the process with more and more articles each week

To learn how to use this system yourself, log in to Jimmy's website and watch his Video Lesson #2 - you'll have everything you need to write compelling, visitor generating articles. 

And to see an article I've submitted to, and how I use this system myself to attract people interested in building a business around their hobby, visit this page.

Follow the link in the resource box and see the landing page where I offer a mini course which shows how anyone can turn their favorite hobby into a profitable business.

You can do this too for your niche. It takes time, but it's an investment in your future that has the potential to pay off big time well into the future.

Bottom line: If you write a lot of properly written and formatted articles and submit them to a lot of directories, you'll make a LOT of money online.

Action Steps

  • Over time, write (or have somebody write for you) articles optimized for every one of your website's keywords and have them point back to a page where you catch your visitor's name and email address. You'll build a long term, sustainable business that's not totally reliant on search engine traffic or paid ads, and you'll sleep a lot better as a result.

  • Use the formula for writing successful articles that inspire readers to click through to your website found in Jimmy Brown's List and Traffic Video Lesson 2. Make sure you use the Resource Box layout he shares in that lesson to generate the maximum number of website visitors from each article.

  • Use a service such as Article to automate the submission of your  articles to free up your valuable time for more productive activities.

  • Make sure when your visitors arrive you have an opt-in form waiting for them so they have the opportunity to subscribe to a Mini Course, a Free Report or your Newsletter database rather than just sending them to your home page

By submitting articles to hundreds of directories and other publishers, in addition to the visitors who will come to check you out, your site will have hundreds or even thousands of incoming links which will increase your link popularity (and potentially your Google PageRank) and make certain that your site has very little chance being de-listed by Google, Yahoo and the others.

And finally, a lot of your website's ranking in Google's index is related to how many incoming links you have - on balance, a site with similar content that has 100 incoming links will outrank a site that only has 50 incoming links.

The more links in the better, and articles in directories and on other people's sites with keyword rich links in them, all pointing to your site, are a great way to go.

Something to think about...

Until next time,


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