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Solo Build It Mastery Coaching Lesson 48 - How To Broker JV Deals For Fantastic Profit, Without Having To Spend A Single Cent

Hello again and welcome to lesson 48 in the Solo Build It Mastery Coaching Course. 

Let’s try this hypothetical scenario. Supposing you’re in this position:

1. You don’t have a single cent in your account.

2. You don’t have enough marketing skills to catapult a digital product to the height of prominence.

3. You don’t have a mailing list composed of hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers.

4. You don’t have any money – at all – to fund the creation and promotion of a digital product online.

5. You don’t have the brand name that commands credibility and immediately increases consumer confidence.

Should you give up on internet marketing? Should you walk away from the potential of making tons of cash online?

The uninitiated will say, if any of the scenarios above relate to them – and more so if all of them combined relate to their situation – that it would be enough to make you surrender the dream of making it big online. 

But what do these people know? Their imaginations are limited. Their fears are doing all the talking. 

You shouldn’t be one of them. You shouldn’t lose hope.

All you need is an IDEA.

Yes, an IDEA.

Just one great idea can lead you to an online goldmine, and potentially, a windfall of profits that could come your way. 

How can this be done when you don’t have the resources, financial or otherwise, to see your idea into actuality?

Well we've already discussed Joint Ventures in this coaching course, and today we are going to go deeper into this idea and show you how you can get started as a joint Venture Broker TODAY.

Joint ventures are partnerships between online marketers who will pull their resources together for the success of one project. 

For example, they could promote one product in all of their mailing lists for maximum exposure. 

Or they could chip in their own products for one mega-package to increase its value and its salability. 

They could promote this in their respective mailing lists with a system that allows the members of each list to subscribe in the mailing list of the other members. 

The effects of this can be long term and hugely profitable.

Joint venture partners usually employ some sort of profit sharing scheme which they will agree on beforehand, so that each partner knows how much his share of the pie will be.

Joint ventures are encouraging options for any online business owner for the following reasons:

  • You can trim down your expenses since you will be pooling your resources with other business owners

  • You can minimize the losses, if the ever occur, since a lot of people bear the risk

  • You can promote your project to a wider audience through your group's combined number of subscribers

  • Less renowned personalities can piggyback on the credible names of their more popular partners. This is great for branding purposes and for winning consumer confidence

  • Much can be learned from one another, especially from the more experienced partners in the deal

So, given the scenarios in the first part of this article,
where could you fit in with a joint venture?

Well, if you have a great idea, you could become a JV broker. JV brokering is one of the few online opportunities that can help you garner a lot of profit without having to invest a single cent… as long as you have the right connections.

If you have befriended established online marketers, or if you know how to contact them the right way, then JV brokering may be the option that is perfect for you. 

All you need, as we have mentioned earlier, is an idea. It may be your own idea, or someone else’s idea and you’d want to help him make it a reality.

With this idea, you could create a proposal. This proposal is what you will present to the prospective JV partners you’d want to pool together. 

If you proposal is viable and profitable, and you approach people in the right way, then there is no reason why your prospects would say no.

How will you get paid? 

You could be paid directly based on a rate you have stated beforehand, or you could be paid via the profit sharing scheme that the partners would decide on. Either way, you’ll get a piece of a pie.

Not bad for someone who only started with plan, right?

So, where do you start? 

Jimmy Brown has written a 3 part course called How to Setup Wildly Profitable Joint Venture Partnerships at his List and Traffic site that goes deeply into the fundamentals of setting up JV's.

And Jimmy and Ryan's Niche JV is the definitive guide to setting up and managing Joint Ventures in niche markets other than Internet Marketing.

Either of these resources should give you enough of an understanding of Joint Ventures to put something together and get started.

The other thing you can do with Joint Ventures  as an affiliate that isn't discussed much is to partner with another list owner in your niche and each send an offer to your lists promoting an affiliate product.

Here's how to do it -  

  • Join a two-tier affiliate program and start recruiting 2nd tier affiliates who are already established in your niche 

  • Create an information product either by asking your readers what their biggest questions and concerns are and writing out your answers or hold a tele-seminar with your 2nd tier affiliate joint venture partner

  • To get this going, you'll need to do all the work and set everything up so that it's a no-brainer for your partner to be involved. All it costs them is an hour of their time (if you do a tele-seminar) and they get an automatic product that they can sell

  • Plus you'll be able to offer your listeners a copy of the affiliate product (or products) during the call or in your ebook as well

  • For content, remember all you have to do is create a list of questions related to the product's subject matter and have your expert (or yourself) not only provide great content and information, but you promote the affiliate product as well

  • Then when you or your partner promote the product in the ebook or on the call, you’ll make automatic commissions from the 2nd tier

  • At the end of the call, have the recording transcribed into an ebook by somebody at or another outsourcing company and then give it to both your listeners and those subscribers who didn't make the call

  • In this ebook transcript of the call, you'll be able to add advertising for the affiliate product as well as other resources, Mini Courses and each other's email newsletters for people to join

  • You now have a product you can offer through Clickbank and you can then become the affiliate manager instead of just being an affiliate

  • You can joint venture with other product owners and offer all sorts of deals to promote your new product to people all over the web...

 See how it builds? You go from an affiliate promoting other people's stuff to a product owner and affiliate in one transaction, leveraging off the expertise of somebody else.

Two tier affiliate programs (like Sitesell's 5 Pillar Program) are perfect for creating Joint Ventures with little financial outlay, minimal risk and just a small amount of work.

I hope you see the power of this strategy and can use it to generate both second tier profits for yourself as a JV Broker and as a step towards becoming a product owner yourself.

Recommended Resources:

  • Jimmy Brown's How to Setup Wildly Profitable Joint Venture Partnerships 3 part Mini Course in the articles section of his List and Traffic site

  • Jimmy and Ryan's Niche JV course is the definitive guide to setting up and managing Joint Ventures in niche markets

Give these a try and see how you go...

That's it for today,

Until next time,

Take care,

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