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Solo Build It Mastery Lesson 39 - Finding Good Content For Your Mini Course Or Autoresponder Messages

Hi again, and welcome to Lesson 39 of your Solo Build It Master Coaching Program.

OK, quite a few people have been badgering me about not being able to come up with anything to write about for their Mini Courses, Newsletter articles and autoresponder messages.

Today we are going to look at a couple of ways you can find great content for your Mini Course and general autoresponder messages.

Let's say that you just don't have time to create a 5 day Mini Course and 25 more follow up messages for your prospects to read.

That's fine, just go to, find 10 to 30 articles related to your niche, and use them for content.

Here's what you do...

Option 1

Step 1 - Create your autoresponder using Aweber, 1Shoppingcart, or use Form Build It or the SBI Newsletter module. 

Step 2 - Search for relevant content that you can tie into a Mini Course and then use as follow up messages later on. You might have to search through other article directories as well to find enough good content.

Step 3 - Build pages on your website for each of your Mini Course Lessons using the articles you found at - you want to drive people back to your site as often as possible so they have a chance to see your affiliate product recommendations and click on your Adsense ads if you have them. 

Step 4 - Preface each article with a short, keyword optimized introduction that tells your reader what she is about to read.

Step 5 - Finish up each article with a brief, keyword optimized summary and if possible include some specific action steps to get your reader's mind off the contents of the article they just read and get them listening to you again :-)

Step 6 - Put a recommendation to a product or service (your own or an affiliate product) in your summary (or in the action steps) that's related to the content of the article and ask your visitors to go and check it out. 

Remember, don't switch from one product recommendation to the next during this series - Presell just one product several times and you will massively increase conversions. 

Then once people have purchased that product (or you've made it available several times and it looks like they aren't interested in it) you can switch to other related products and services instead.

Step 7 - Write a series of short introductory email messages using your autoresponder program or Newsletter and give your readers a link to each article in the series. Keep your messages short and to the point. Tell your readers the benefit they will receive when they read the article, give them the link, and sign off.

Send your Mini Course out daily for 5 days, then follow up with your other messages once a week, or every few days. Then as long as people are reading your messages, keep adding more to the end of the series, keep following up, and keep banking those checks :-)

Option 2

If you are just trying to sell one particular product (particularly an affiliate product you are promoting) and maybe you want to follow up with other recommendations later on, then this next option is perfect.

Step 1 - Do a product review page pointing out the pros and cons of the product and offer a free mini course covering additional tips to people who read your review. 

Then refer people to the merchant's sales page after they have given you their name and email address.

Step 2 - For your autoresponder Mini Course, just go to the merchant's sales letter and copy sections of his page of it straight into your autoresponder messages. 

This way even if your visitor didn't read the sales letter, you are drip feeding them the content, including all the benefits and reasons they should buy the product, one day at a time.

Step 3 - Then at the end of each message, tell your readers to go and check out the product again (include a link to the full sales letter) for all the details. 

You can re-word the merchant's content slightly in your messages but be careful not to lose the power of the sales copy. These letters can cost thousands to create and test so you want to use that to your advantage.

This way, over a week or so, they will get repeated exposures to the merchant's sales message and you have several opportunities to sell a product.

Plus you still have the prospects name and email address so you can follow up again and again...

Step 4 - Then, simply use the article content strategy we talked about in Option 1 above to create a follow up series of messages Preselling other products and services to your list.

Easy! The simple, fast track way to create relevant autoresponder messages and Mini Courses related to your niche market...

I hope this lesson helps you to increase your affiliate commissions, sell more stuff, and boost your website's revenue and profits.

Until next time,

Take it easy,

P.S. If you need any help setting up your site, your autoresponders, or anything else in your business, I can help. Just visit my Services page to see the various ways I can assist you to get the most out of Solo Build It.

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