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Solo Build It Mastery Lesson 53 - Get Email Results - How To Get Your List Members To BUY from you...

Hi again and welcome to this lesson. Today I've got another short Free Report for you to download that will show you how to create email messages that virtually force your readers to buy from you.

I've used this system in some of my markets (but not ALL markets, see below) with wonderful results, and I recommend you test it in your niche market as well.

Ok, here's the download link for today's Report. 

Just 'Right Click' on this link and choose 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As' to download the Report to your desktop.

Here's some final thoughts on using this strategy for your email promotions.

  • I found by testing in some of my niches (just a couple) that this strategy DOESN'T work at all, because people simply couldn't work out how to download the Reports. Even though I gave them step by step instructions, they couldn't work it out.

It became a support nightmare, so I went back to normal messages that brought people back to the website. If you are in a hobby niche where people aren't that computer savvy, by all means test this system, but you might find that it doesn't bring you better results in every niche you try it in.

  • Mix it up. I've also found that by sending messages to people using different media (email newsletters, PDF files, Audio on websites and Audio Postcards, UTube videos and my own Camtasia Screen capture videos) that I get much better results than by simply using 1 media.

Test this for yourself and see what happens. You'll probably be delighted with the results...

I sincerely hope this system helps you to double or triple the response you get from your email promotions..

Until next time,

Take care,

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