Getting Pre-written Content Cheaply

I've mentioned before that buying pre-written content is a great way of getting your site to 20, 40 or even more pages quickly, and told you about Stefan Everet's Niche Content Packages (NCP).

Since then, several students have ordered various packages from Stefan and as far as I can tell they have all been happy with the content he provides (as I have always been). 

However, the problem with NCP for me was that your membership meant that you received several packages each month, some of which you didn't really want or need.

This must have been an issue for many people because Stefan has just changed the format so that you can just order the package you want and leave the rest. Or you can order multiple packages related to your niche and use 'Credits' for them which you purchase as needed.

This is a much better system than he had before, and could be the perfect answer to getting your Solo Build It site built out much more quickly than if you create every piece of content yourself.

Of course, you should carefully read and in most cases re-write the articles slightly so that they are unique to your site, but having your pages 80% complete before you start sure gives you a massive head start instead of trying to come up with all of the content for each page from scratch.

I highly recommend Stefan and have found him to be great to work with. He even answers his own email and support questions most of the time, which you don't get much these days.

So if you want to fast track your content creation without spending a lot, I recommend you check out Niche Content Packages to see if there are articles there that suit your Solo Build It site.

I really hope this article helps you to get more content created much more quickly.

Until next time,

Warmest regards,