Get More Visitors To Bookmark Your Website, Or Even A Specific Page, So They Come Back More Regularly

If your website's content is very good, many visitors will want an easy way to bookmark your site so they can come back later and visit again.

Your home based business will grow and prosper if you can encourage people to visit again and again, and having them bookmark you is a great place to start.

Now you can make it easy for them to do just that, while reminding them that it's a good idea...

Just place the code below somewhere on your website (I put it at the end of my articles) and if your reader has enjoyed reading your article, they will often bookmark your site for further study later.

Ok, here's the code you'll need -

Place this at the bottom of your site after changing the URL's etc. to your website's name and what you would like the description to say.

The code above bookmarks my Hobby And home page and the description that is placed in the visitor's Favorites folder says Hobby And

You can see how I've done this on the page below (scroll to the bottom of the page after the article and test the link by clicking on it to see what happens)

If you would like to encourage people to bookmark a specific page on your site, you can modify the code to do that as well.

Here's the code that allows visitors to bookmark my Acne Homepage -

You can see what this will look like on your page at the top of this page

Just change the code above to include your own website's page information in a text editor like notepad, then copy and paste it into your web page's first text box before the first word of your body copy.

Make sure you test it before you build your page, then hit 'Build It!'

That's all there is to it :-)

I hope adding this code helps to encourage more of your visitors to bookmark your site and eventually become customers of your home based business.

Thankyou again for being one of my customers.