Where did you get so much content for Hobby and Lifestyle.com?

Question - I just took a quick look at your hobby and lifestyle site. WOW...400 pages and growing...that's amazing!! And good info, too!

Do you have someone write the copy for you, or are you researching and writing it all yourself?

Answer - I've written about 10% of the content of the www.hobbyandlifestyle.com site (and optimized all of the articles myself) and purchased the rest. It's a much easier way of creating content than trying to write it all yourself.

I wrote 95% of my last site myself but it took far too long ( 8 months for 140 pages!!). I won't make that mistake again with this one...

For my content, I've used Niche content Packages and I'm about to start using The Lost Files (public domain content) and Private Rights as well.

If you do a search for 'free content' on Google you'll find lots of others.