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I've received several questions from students recently about how to either find profitable niche markets or how to decide what sort of products they should either create or source affiliate programs for.

Which got me thinking. I'm also in the process of monetizing the Hobby site with affiliate programs and products instead of using Adsense, so I thought I'd do some research and find out what people are actually looking for...

After about 3 days of root keyword research, I came up with a list of over 10,000 keyword phrases that people are typing into search engines when they have a problem to solve.

So, what is a 'root keyword'?

The best way to answer that is to give you some examples.

Here are just some of the root keywords I brainstormed as I built this list -

  • advice (and advise)
  • aid
  • answer
  • more
  • relieve
  • repair
  • faq
  • tutorial
  • answer
  • problem
  • ...and many more

Ok, to download your copy of the Ultimate Niche Ideas Tool, Right Click Here, choose 'Save Target As' and download the file to your desktop.

So, how do you use this tool to find either the perfect niche for you, or to decide on a product or service you can offer your readers?

Just watch the video below which shows you how to get the most out of this list. Please click on the 'Play' button and take a few minutes to watch this short video and I'll explain it for you...


I hope this list of potential niche topics helps you to find what you need to get the most out of your Solo Build It site.

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Wishing you every success with your Solo Build It website,