What about double opt-in for Form Build It messages?

Question - With Solo Build It we have 2 ways of communicating with readers by e-mail: the opt-in e-zine and Form Build It. Form Build It allows autoresponders which continue to follow up with our visitors for up to 7 messages. We send our E-zine out periodically. 

Why do we have double opt-in for the E-zine; but not for the FBI forms with attached autoresponder?  

And what is stopping people accusing us of spamming them when using a form for autoresponders or other activities that require follow up, since there is no confirmation that the person provided their e-mail address? 

Answer - FBI is actually double opt-in once you choose the autoresponder function. 

What happens with the FBI autoresponder series is that the first message contains a note at the beginning that asks your subscribers to click on a confirmation link if they want to receive the rest of the follow up messages. 

This how the double opt-in works with Form Build It. 

If they don't click on that link to confirm their address, they don't receive any more messages in the series. If they do confirm, they continue to receive the rest of the follow up messages. 

Hope this helps.