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If you are itching to see what other SBI! owners and users really think about Solo Build It!, Sitesell, the company behind SBI!, and how it has changed their lives in a positive way, the Sitesell Forums are a friendly place where SBI! owners go to help and be helped, discuss various issues and give praise for Sitesell’s commitment to creating and improving Solo Build It.

Now normally you have to be a Solo Build It! owner to actually post questions on the forum, but if you become a Sitesell Affiliate, you can visit and read the questions and answers of others to get a feel for what owning SBI is really like.

And here’s something I forgot to mention earlier. As you read through the Sitesell Affiliate Registration page, you’ll also discover an easy way of getting a 50% discount on your first Solo Build It purchase as well.

If you’d like to read what current owners are saying about SBI!, warts and all, here’s all you have to do to become a Sitesell Affiliate (it’s absolutely free to join) and get access to the Sitesell Forum.

Visit the Sitesell Affiliate registration page by clicking here.

When you get to the bottom of the page where it says 5 Pillar Affiliate Sign Up Form, just fill in your details there.

Then choose a username and password, plus your unique Sitesell referral link (what they call your RR URL, don’t worry, just choose something short that you’ll remember easily later on – a good example for Marney would be marney01), agree to the Affiliate Terms by checking the box, and click on I Agree to submit your application.

As soon as you receive your Welcome To The 5 Pillar Program email message, visit the Sitesell Forums login page and use the username and password you just selected to log in.

Feel free to browse around and read through whatever areas of the forum you like. You won’t be able to post a question (only SBI owners can do that) but you can use the Search function to find answers to any questions you may have.

I hope you enjoy reading through the Forums. Having these available is a big help to all SBI owners in finding fast, helpful answers to their questions.

It’s one of the little extras you receive as a Site Build Owner that is worth its weight in gold…

And if you have any questions about the forums or anything else to do with Solo Build It!, please let me know by using the contact form.

Until next time,