Product Review - The Fujifilm FinePix S9000 Digital Camera

The FujiFilm FinePix S9000 is an entry level, professional quality digital camera which allows even inexperienced users to capture beautiful, realistic images with stunning 9-megapixel resolution, even in quite low light or using long distance settings.

Combining the new RP Processor, 5th Generation Super CCD-HR Sensor and Fujinon Lens Optics, the FinePix S9000 digital camera offers you very high sensitivity with low noise, faster operational speeds and low power consumption which means you'll be able to do hours of photo shoot work or take hundreds of holiday snaps before your camera tires.

From wide angle to telephoto and even super macro at 1/2 inch range, the Fujinon 10.7x optical zoom lens lets you do it all. 

You won't have to carry extra lenses with this camera as it's extremely versatile in all situations. Another great feature is that your S9000 camera is ready to go in under a second once you turn it on...

The 1.8" tilt-angle LCD monitor swivels to let you shoot from high and low angles meaning you'll be able to capture even the most awkward shots with ease.

The FinePix S9000 has 11 shooting modes to give you the freedom to explore any photographic possibilities you can imagine. The camera's modes include natural mode for low-light situations, anti-blur mode to reduce camera shake and blurriness, and an advanced portrait mode that enhances the quality of your pictures making this model an extremely versatile choice.

The Ss9000 even has full movie plus sound recording and the movie quality is comparable to what you will get with your digital video camera...quite impressive really.

As well as its precise autofocus system, the FinePix S9000 lets you focus manually by simply turning a focus ring, just as you would with a 35mm SLR.

A separate ring controls the zoom, which you can also use when you are recording movies.

Because there is no need to change lenses with the S9000, the camera's sensor is protected from dust and grime buildup, which can seriously damage other digital cameras we've tested.

You'll always have terrific image quality without having to worry about cleaning the camera's sensor.

The FujiFilm FinePix S9000 has two memory slots and comes with a 16MB xD Picture Card. This is ample for most applications, but to get the most out of your camera, you might consider adding a 1GB or higher xD Picture Card or Microdrive to your shopping cart when you order this great all-round camera.