Product Review - The Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro Digital Camera

The sleek and stylish Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro Digital Camera is hands down our #1 choice for those who demand the absolute best from their digital photography work. 

With its Super CCD SR II sensor, the Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro Digital Camera delivers 12.34 MP photographic images with wonderful clarity and ease. 

The S3 Pro comes with a wide variety of shooting modes including single frame and continuous shooting. 

The camera's 2 inch LCD monitor makes it easy to frame your shot from a variety of shooting positions and gives you a large, easy to view look at your shots and menu items. 

The S3 comes with a built-in flash and also supports an electronic shutter release which makes this a very simple camera for anyone to use. 

The FinePix S3 comes equiped out of the box with 4 AA type Ni-MH batteries, a powerful battery charger for Ni-MH batteries, useful shoulder strap, a body cap, and a USB video cable among other useful accessories. 

With it's compact, contemporary design, the FujiFilm FinePix S3 Pro has been made for for simple, easy operation, so you can make the most of every photographic opportunity that you come accross in your quest for that perfect shot...

The FujiFilm FinePix S3 Pro gets our highest recommendation - it's our camera of choice and is the professionals workhorse- if you want the best - this is the camera for you...