Sign Up For Google's Adsense Program...

If you're ready to start monetizing your new Solo Build It site, here's the first place to go...Google's Adsense program. If not, please make sure you bookmark this page for later on when you are...

You can display ads that are directly related to the content of your site no matter what it is and get paid every time somebody clicks on one of them.

Some ground rules -

  • NEVER click on your own adds, nor ask anyone else to click on your ads.

  • NEVER put any reference to the ads in the wording on your site or draw attention to the ads in any way. For example, don't say anything like "Check out the advertisers on this page for more information..." or anything like that.

  • Do read the Adsense Terms and Conditions, don't just skip over them so you know what's involved and what you can and can't do.

  • Only put Adsense ads on pages where you aren't offering other products unless you've tested it to make sure you aren't losing high commission sales to low paying Adsense clicks

Don't laugh, I've seen these mistakes on lots of sites and they are asking for trouble when they are caught

You'll get your site permanently banned from the Adsense program and could even be prosecuted for click fraud!

OK, here's where to go to sign up for Google's Adsense program