Adsense And Graphics - The Facts

Question - I'd like to put graphics next to my Google Adsense ads because I've heard it improves click-throughs. Is this true and how do I do this?

Answer - There's a great topic on the Sitesell forum about this. You can visit the Sitesell forum by clicking here (you'll need your Solo Build It username and password to log in) to read more about it.

However, while this used to be a good way of getting additional Adsense clicks, be warned that Google are apparently now suspending and even shutting down the accounts of advertisers who use this technique so be careful if you have done this in the past (or are doing it now).

From my experience, Adsense is a poor way of monetizing most sites so if you can, try to find related affiliate programs with high and/or residual payouts instead to maximize your site's earning potential.

And of course, make sure you BUILD A LIST of targeted prospects and stay in touch with them regularly.