How to use the Power of the World's
Easiest and Most Effective Headline Format
to Turbo Charge Your Business

by Yanik Silver

Did you notice the title for this article?

Of course, it's a headline. That's right and it uses a shop-worn classic format which still continues to amaze me with its power. Just 2 simple words...

"How To..." Stick with me on this, I know it sounds too easy.

The simple, lowly "How to" headline is still tops in my book for simplicity and effectiveness. You really cannot go wrong with it. The 'how to' headline is so versatile. You can follow it with several benefits, a question, an offer, almost anything - and it works great!

In fact, using the 'how to' formula is one of the best places to start when writing headlines because it forces you to think of what your product/service actually does for the person.

Here are a couple of winning examples to get your juices flowing:

How to Collect from Social Security at Any Age

How To Get FIVE Money-Making Web Sites In 29 Minutes Or Less...Without Spending A Fortune!

How to avoid the biggest mistake you can make in building or buying a home

How to cruise the world for $19 a day

How to get Enthusiastic Applause - Even a Standing Ovation - Every Time You Speak (Ted Nicholas)

How To Win Friends And Influence People

How to make your car invisible to radar and laser!

How to make your computer as easy to use as your telephone

How to fix cars

Check out the last winning headline on our list - "how to fix cars". I mean it really can't get any simpler than that, but it works...and it works big time!

Now here are a few "How To.." headlines you can plug-in and use right away when brainstorming:

=============== "How to" Formulas ===============

How to get ____________
How to have __________
How to keep__________
How to start __________
How to begin _________
How to become ___________
How to improve your _________
How to develop _____________
How to get the most out of_____________
How to avoid ________________
How to end________________
How to get rid of _____________
How to conquer _____________
How to enjoy _______________

Even just adding the word "how" in front of a headline gives it an additional appeal. Compare these 2 examples:

A strange accident saved me from baldness

How a strange accident saved me from baldness

Which one is more compelling? I think you'll agree #2 does the trick. And that one is a winning headline used over and over.

Okay, but maybe the tried and true "how to" is too boring for you. No problem! Spice it up by adding a little something before the 'how to'

Here's HOW TO...

Discover HOW TO...

If you think a 12% annual return on your money is good, here's HOW TO set your sights on 100% or more

All new course reveals HOW TO use Pop-Ups to double your opt-in rate, explode your sales, and squeeze up to 300% more revenue out of each visitor to your Web site! (Jonathan Mizel)

I'll show you HOW TO hit golf shots as straight as you can point, or this video golfing lesson is free...and I'll pay you $25 for wasting your time! (Jeff Paul)

Ohio man discovers the secret of HOW TO escape the American Rat Race

Or if you still want to change it up a little - just use "How you..." or "How I..." like these winning examples:

HOW I earn my living in 4 hours a day

HOW YOU Can Make Well Over $300,000.00 Per Year As A Real Estate Agent Working Less Than 40 Hours A Week.... Have A Top Income AND A Life..... And NEVER Have To Make A Call You Dread Or Waste Your Time With Unrealistic Sellers Or Insincere Buyers, Ever Again (Craig Proctor)

I think you'll agree for getting the most bang for your buck - "how to" headlines are the way to go.

Yanik Silver is recognized as the leading expert on creating automatic, moneymaking websites...and he still doesn't know how to put up a website.

He is the author, co-author or publisher of several best-selling online marketing books and tools, which can be found at