How do I record my Audio product when I interview my 'guru'?

Question - I am about to create an audio interview product with an expert in my niche market. My interviewee now prefers to call via phone vs Skype, while I have recording capability via Skype.

Do you know how I can quickly setup something like this (preferably for free)?

Answer - I've not used but I have heard others say they are quite OK.

It costs you 10c a minute to have the call recorded -

It also costs $10 to have the call recorded. If your call goes for an hour, that's a few bucks to create a product that could be worth a lot to you either as a free bonus for something else, a stand alone product, or as part of a package you sell.

I'd recommend you invest a few bucks, get the call professionally recorded, and you should have a good quality product you can be proud of.