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You know, I never thought I'd have another dog.

After our last dog, Tara, died of cancer, I felt that I just couldn't go through that again.

She had been my best mate. We did everything together. 

We went swimming in the dam. 

We took long walks together (although not enough of them now that I look back). 

We shared big, long hugs as we sat together on the deck.

Tara was my friend...

And then she died at 8 years of age. It was too soon, and totally unexpected.

I'll never forget that day. I said goodbye to Tara and went to work the same as I always did. 

But I remember the look in her eyes when I patted her at the gate. There was something different that morning. 

There was something wrong. 

Then my wife Debbie called me at work to tell me she had taken Tara to the vet and that he had discovered she was suffering from Cancer. 

He had been unable to help her, she was in great pain, and he had put my friend to sleep...

I was an absolute mess for weeks after that. I hadn't even been able to say goodbye to her. 

I still miss her deeply, even today...

It took me a long time to get over Tara's death.

She had been my first 'real' pet. Sure, we'd had a couple of Cockatiels and a tortoise, but there's nothing like the love and companionship you share with your dog...

For a long time after Tara's death, my daughter was always asking, "Daddy, when can we have a dog?" 

And I kept saying, "One day." But deep down, I just couldn't get over Tara's loss.

Then, one day, we were visiting a friend's home. Our friend just happens to be a breeder, and she had one puppy from her latest litter still to be sold. 

A little girl.

So out of the blue, we went out the back to the kennels to have a look. 

We'd never taken any notice of her puppies before. 

We'd certainly never considered buying one of them from her, but somehow, this just seemed 'right'.

We met her...and we brought her home. She has become my new best mate.

She's adorable...naughty still, but adorable, just the same.

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