How to increase click throughs to
your affiliate merchants...

If you've read Quit Your Day Job, you'll remember the page layout formula that Jeremy gives you for increasing your click throughs to merchant sites.

I've used this with great effect for several affiliate programs, but I'm currently testing a different version on my pages that already rank well for natural search (as opposed to using Google to drive traffic like Jeremy does with his 'normal' low-content landing pages).

Here's one page that I'm testing

You'll see that I've optimized it like I show you in the coaching lessons, but I've used the landing page format outlined in Quit Your Day Job directly below the first two paragraphs of content instead of at the top of the page.

By being down the page a little, the main content isn't all 'above the fold' like it should be, but it's hard to get pages to rank well in the search engines unless you have these two highly keyword optimized paragraphs there.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on the layout of this page and if you decide to test it yourself, please let me know about your results.

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