A Tested Strategy For Finding Tons Of  WILLING, Grateful Link Partners

One of the biggest gripes I hear from students these days is about how hard it is to find link partners who will actually link with you when you've contacted them through Value Exchange.

It's true that if you simply choose to email your prospective link partners using the drop down menu in Value exchange, your chances of getting a response are very limited.

If you have read the original coaching course lesson on link exchanges, you'll know that there is a better way of going about this. But what I'm about to share with you blows the doors off that method, as you'll see.

I tested this for our new travel site and after sending out 31 email messages like the one you'll read below, I had 16 people enthusiastically respond to me, and nearly half of them linked to our new site from MORE THAN ONE OF THEIR WEBSITES!

How cool is that? This is truly a win-win exchange for everyone with no downside at all.

I created this 6 minute video to show you how I do this and share my thinking about why it works so well. Just hit the Click To Play Video button to watch...

As I mentioned in the video, the only problem is that you need more than one website to do this. They don't both have to be Solo Build It sites of course, but it certainly helps if they are qualify sites that have some traffic. 

Sidebar - If you only have one site at the moment, you can still boost your link exchange success by using this strategy. However, make sure you read this lesson so you have it ready for the future when you DO have more than one site.

OK, here's the email message I sent to the 31 website owners who I found in Value exchange -

Subject Line: Joe -- Regarding SiteSell's Value Exchange (not your average link exchange request)

Hi Joe,

I just received your web site domain name and e-mail address from the SiteSell Value Exchange with which we are both registered, and I feel your site would make a great match for a link exchange with a new site I am working on. 

As you know, one-way in-pointing links are now much more valuable than reciprocal links in the eyes of Google and Yahoo for building link popularity to your site.

I'd like to offer you a one-way incoming link from ANY page of your choice on my popular http://www.hobbyandlifestyle.com site (not just my links page, but a content page that is more related to your niche). 

Your link and site description would be in a Premium Partners box like the one I have on this page -


Or alternatively, I'd be happy to put one of your articles (containing up to 3 links back to your site) in the article directory of the Hobby and Lifestyle site instead, if this is a better option for you. 

I'll include a link from the http://www.hobbyandlifestyle.com/hobby-articles.html page to your article so that it gets found in the search engines as well as giving you some valuable incoming links. 

In return, I'd like you to create a link our new site at http://www.travel-angels-network.com 

Are you interested in exchanging links? If so, please let me know and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Or if you'd like to create a link right away so we can get started, please use this piece of HTML code -

To search dozens of <a href="http://www.travel-angels-network.com/" target="_blank">discount travel</a> websites all in one convenient place, and help fulfill the dreams of sick children at the same time, visit Travel Angels Network.com today and see how your travel plans can help change the world...one child at a time.

The description and link will look like this on your page and will open in a new window -

To search dozens of discount travel websites all in one convenient place, and help fulfill the dreams of sick children at the same time, visit Travel Angels Network.com today and see how your travel plans can help change the world...one child at a time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by replying to this email or by using the form on this page -


I'm really looking forward to working with you to help build your business.


Rocky Tapscott

Can you see the power in this?

Instead of the bland, generic email message the automated Value Exchange system sends to your potential link partners, it offers a compelling benefit and a legitimate reason why they should exchange links with you.

Now here's the kicker...

But there's one more thing that really helps to put this over the top when it comes to partners being happy to link back to you.

In addition to giving people a link from the page of their choice on the Hobby and Lifestyle site, I ALSO give them a link from the Hobby Partners page as well.

When I write back to my link partners and tell them I've added a link to them from TWO pages on my site, over half of them wrote back and reciprocated by adding an additional link to the travel site from their site, or by linking to the Travel site from another website they owned.

By giving first, you get back much more than by not caring what happens to your link partners.

I've found it best to find related but not directly competing sites to become link partners with us. 

For example, sites that focus on one hotel or travel destination which don't handle bookings outside that area, sites that cover activities people typically do when they travel or take a vacation, and ancillary services that complement our travel niche (car parks, baggage suppliers, jet boat rides, limo services, etc.)

And because we aren't linking to them from the travel site, but the Hobby site instead, we don't face the risk of sending people to other sites that compete with our affiliate merchants for these products and services.

So, if you have two sites, give this a try and please let me know how you go.

Until next time,

Warmest regards,