Who else do you recommend for Internet marketing information?

Question - Thanks for all the help so far. Who else would you recommend seeking out information from? 

I have subscribed to several newsletters, but some of the names may be complete unknowns outside of my inbox!! 

For me, it wouldn't necessarily have to be from the field of internet marketing even, but I'm just wondering who you personally rate as the real 'gurus' if you like, or the ones that can teach the most, or have unique and interesting angles.

Answer - The other 'gurus' I like are Dan Kennedy www.dankennedy.com  (the marketing master as far as I'm concerned), Gary Halbert www.thegaryhalbertletter.com  (another master copywriter).

Of course there's everything written by Ken Evoy from Sitesell, John Reese at www.marketingtips.com , Jimmy D Brown, Alex Mandosian, Stephen Pierce, I use Brett Mcfall's AdPack for tips on writing sales letters and a couple of others.

I've bought stuff from all of them (plus a lot of crap from many others) and these would be my top picks. 

As far as value for money goes, Jimmy Browns new video newsletter List and Traffic would wins hands down.

If I could only have one thing to increase my sales and profits, it would be this one - List and Traffic...

Hope this helps...