How Do We Use Solo Build It For Our Offline Business That Sells Jewelry?

Question - We have a current business that sells Jewelry offline and we'd like to use the Internet to boost sales. Can you give me some advice on doing this? How much time does it take to put a Solo Build It site together?

Answer - You should be able to do well with a website selling your wife's beads and jewelry as there is a demand for it online. There are also many affiliate programs that offer related products that you could offer your visitors as well.

Solo Build It is ideal for you if you have no web building experience, but it does take time to put together a site that works well, so it's not something to enter into if you are really pushed for time.

To give it a fair chance, I think you'd need to be able to put in a minimum time commitment of say 5 to 10 hours a week if you wanted to see some sort of results (visitor traffic coming to your site from search engines and maybe some initial sales, of course there are no guarantees :-) within say a few months.

Nori Evoy (Sitesell owner Ken Evoy's daughter ) has put together a very profitable site over the last three years just building one or two pages a week. It all takes time (definitely not get rich quick) but the process does work if you follow it.

You can read about Nori's site and her story here

If you can allocate a few hours a week to this project over time is should prove to be very rewarding.

I'd say your best bet is to have a read through the Action Guide and just follow the Solo Build It process.

Take a look at the videos as well, read through the manual, and you'll have your site up before you know it.