About Jimmy D Brown

Question - I know you've spoken about Jimmy Brown on several occasions. Why do you stress the importance of us subscribing to his List and Traffic newsletter so often?

Answer - My goal is to help as many of my coaching members to succeed and I regard Jimmy's newsletter as required reading in order to do that.

With all the products out there costing anything from $27 to upwards of $25,000 each teaching how to sell stuff online, Jimmy's newsletter at $10 a month has to be a no brainer bargain.

I was reading through his List Profit System over the weekend (it's in the members area as well) and I've got no doubt that what I learned will at least double my online income in the next 3 months.

I've already gone from earning very little to making several thousand a month by following Jimmy's teachings...and all it's cost me is $160 so far.

A Hundred And Sixty bucks for a million dollar education. Boy am I in his debt.

I'd like every one of my coaching members to have the 'Ah Ha' moment I had on the weekend. That's why I recommend his Newsletter so much

Bottom line?

Visit List and Traffic and sign up!

Listen to everything and read all the reports. There's some real gold in there :-)