What Are Keyword Combo's And
How Do I Use Them?

Question - You did mention only using tightly focused keywords, yet Ken also mentions 'word combos' using more general keywords (that was the initial reason that I first used 'unique', 'unusual' etc as a couple of home page keywords).

Could you clarify this situation for me, as maybe I've misunderstood it.

Answer - Try to use the keywords you find in the Brainstormer (but make them make sense of course) and then maybe add an additional word to them if you need to to make up a combo. 

If you give a search engine too many choices, it won't be able to decide what to rank you for, so you have to keep it focused.

For example, let's say your base keyword is 'birthday gift'

Your keyword combos are things like wifes birthday gift, husbands birthday gift, childs birthday gift, funny birthday gift, unusual birthday gift, rude birthday gift, outrageous birthday gift, kinky birthday gift, adult birthday gift, etc.

These are the keyword combinations Ken is talking about. These will bring in additional visitors who were looking for related things and often they will become your customers.