Digital Photography Tips - Lesson 2

Today I'd like to share two simple tips that will instantly help you take more consistent, better quality photos when doing portraits or family shots.

Tip 1 - Use a tripod or a mono-pod to steady your camera and avoid any movement as you take your shot.

Even a high end digital camera can't allow for the movement of your hand as you either get buffeted by a passing breeze or flinch slightly as you push the button to take your shot.

A tripod can eliminate any movement and help you take crystal clear shots every time.

Of course, it's not always convenient to carry a tripod around with you, so a mono-pod (basically a one legged, telescopic stand with a camera mount on the top) can do nearly a good a job and you can often fit it into your coat pocket when it's not in use.

Tip 2 - When taking portrait shots, make sure you fill your camera's entire view finder with the subject and minimize background influences as much as possible. 

Take a look at your favorite magazine shots. You don't see pictures of people from a distance, you see close-up, vivid shots that highlight the subject's features.

Take a look at the portrait shot on the right. 

Notice the effect of the lighting highlighting the model's face and how she fills the entire shot. 

This is how professionals take their photos, and it's something you should try to emulate whenever possible.

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That's it for today,

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