Solo Build It Mastery Lesson 23 - More Tips For Increasing Your
Website's Visitor Value...

Last time we discussed ways of increasing the value to you of each visitor who arrives at your website.

If you recall we looked at adding additional monetization models -

  • Promoting big ticket items on your website

  • Finding ways to incorporate a travel and property business into your site somehow (some students have already told me about some great plans they have for doing this, well done)

  • And building a list...

Today I'd like to share a brand new resource that shows you exactly how to turn affiliate programs into powerful, long term income generators.

If you have a goal of making a living online and maybe $50,000 to $100,000 a year is the sort of number you are aiming for initially, you may want to raise your sights after reading this :-)

27 year old entrepreneur Jeremy Palmer made $1 million in affiliate program commissions last year in only his second year online, and he's decided to share his experiences with others in a new ebook that shows exactly how he did it...

Did you get that?

In his first year as an affiliate, he earned $100,000 from his websites. During his second year as an affiliate he made over $1 million.

In two years, he has built more than 100 affiliate sites which generate a fortune in affiliate commissions, and he actually shows you a couple of them in his new book so you get an idea of how he builds his little money-makers.

Late last year, he won Commission Junction's Horizon Award for Innovation. 

Referring to Jeremy's efforts, Commission Junction says, "Jeremy has become one of the most productive, compliant, and responsive publishers in the Commission Junction network...".

His newly published first ebook High Performance Affiliate Marketing describes exactly what he does and how he does it.

I read everything I can about online business and I can tell you there's a lot of junk coming out these days, especially about building sites to generate Adsense revenue.

In a break with this tradition, Jeremy doesn't give readers any Adsense tips which is quite interesting. 

The latest trend has been towards generating Adsense clicks on as many pages as possible, but he has taken the traditional route by promoting affiliate programs and it has paid off for him handsomely.

In fact, he's so good at building affiliate sites that he finds he can make more from affiliate commissions than from Adsense clicks, especially lately as Adsense payouts have plunged, so he's stuck with what works....

In his book, Jeremy doesn't try to sell you expensive tools or software, and he hasn't loaded the book up with his own affiliate links to other products like most of these guys do. 

There's a couple of them in there, but they add value to the book and there aren't anywhere near as many links out to extra products as most of the ebooks you read these days.

He also gives readers access to his private forum if you have any questions, which not too many people do these days for their introductory level products.

The book is an easy read at 140 pages and he takes you through the whole process of how he does keyword research, how and why he selects certain products to promote over others, what he thinks about as he designs and creates his websites and how he gets traffic to his sites as well.

I bet you're wondering what makes the million-dollar affiliate different from you and me?

There are little clues all the way through the book and you may not pick some of them up on the first read through.

For example, Jeremy explains how he selects the best merchants to promote, and how he identifies the best converting products. 

He shows you an example of an effective landing page and explains why it attracts sales when so many sites can't make affiliate programs pay. 

Now bear in mind, these aren't your typical SBI content pages designed for attracting search engine traffic. 

These are pages that are specifically designed to get people to click through to the merchant to buy a product...the sort of pages you'd have people arriving on from your Google Adwords, Yahoo Search or email marketing campaign, or maybe from an article or press release you've written.

Or maybe you could use this design for some of your tier three pages after your tier two pages have PRE-sold your visitors on taking your recommendations.

I looked at what he's done and thought to myself, "Ah ha, I see why he makes so much money...". 

I think you will as well.

He also tells you where he buys his advertising and why. He then shows you how he tracks the results to find out what's working and what isn't.

In addition to all this, you'll learn how to write effective Google and Yahoo Search ads that will make people want to click on them to visit your site.

"One of the biggest factors that has contributed to my success as an affiliate is keyword research," Jeremy says in the book.

He then goes on to describe what he calls the "Keyword Buying Cycle". 

You need to know this if you want to attract website visitors who are ready to buy and after learning this, I don't think you'll ever look at the SBI Brainstorm It! tool in the same way again ;-)

If affiliate marketing is going to be one of your website's monetization models (and it should be), I strongly recommend you study this section carefully as it will help you to get the absolute best value for each page you build on your site.

It's insights like these that help make Jeremy a million-dollar affiliate and he lays them all out for you so you can model what he has done for yourself.

Could you also be a million-dollar affiliate?

That sure would be nice, wouldn't it?

You can find out how he does it here...

I'd love to hear your thoughts and any insights you get from reading Jeremy's ebook.

I don't recommend many products to you through this coaching course, but this fits in so well with what you are doing with your SBI site that I recommend you grab a copy and read it right now.

I know you'll learn a lot from this young million dollar earning affiliate. By having more of your visitors leaving your site via an affiliate link instead of the 'Back' button, your visitor value could easily be twice as much or even more than it would be otherwise.

It makes sense to learn from those who have already done what you want to do, and Jeremy is a great role model for all of us to follow...

That's all for today. You've got your homework...enjoy!


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