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Solo Build It Mastery Lesson 32 - More Nagging About Newsletters

I've mentioned this several times, both in direct response to reader's questions and in the coaching course, but looking through some of our member's sites, I feel have to say it again...

The absolute best, most profitable, hands down lucrative thing you can do with your website is to have it's Most Wanted Response is GETTING SOMEBODY TO OPT-IN TO YOUR NEWSLETTER!

And for those of you who HAVE started a newsletter, in most cases you can really do a lot more to MAXIMIZE the returns you are receiving from your efforts.

And for a small number of people on this course (yes, you know who you are :-) I'm getting weary of hearing how hard it is to do, how you can't get one out every month, and how impossible it is to come up with content.

OK, here's the bottom line - dollar for dollar, pound for pound, NOTHING and I mean NOTHING else you can ever do will have a much positive impact on your business and leverage your time in so many different ways as creating and sending a prospect and customer newsletter.

And the failure to do this leaves the fence around your 'herd' of prospects weak, fragile makes it easy for other people to poach them away from you.

All business is really about relationships after all, not what you do or sell.

People in all sorts of niche markets make fortunes from their newsletter lists. It's time you started doing it too.

Tips for making your newsletter compelling reading...

But you can't just write a crappy article and hope your readers will hang on every word. You have to make it compelling so that they WANT to read it and in fact look forward to hearing from you.

With this in mind, here are some tips for making your newsletter interesting -

  • Make it personal - talk with one person at a time

  • Use articles and stories to help your client's solve their problems

  • Put testimonials in each issue to show how other people have used your products or services and benefited

  • Recognize client's successes where possible

  • Promote specific products related to each issue that will help your clients' to problems

For everything you need to create a winning email newsletter, read through Jimmy Brown's List Profit System at his List and Traffic website.

He goes step by step through the exact system he uses to earn mid 6 figures per year online.

Follow his instructions and you'll do very well over time...

And where possible, and if your market warrants if, as well as an email newsletter, write a PAPER, OFFLINE newsletter and send it once a month to your prospects and customers.

Offline newsletters have a much higher perceived value that Ezines, so you will get a much higher response to offset the additional cost of postage and printing.

On balance, you will find your response to your offline newsletter will range between 5 and 20 times that of your online newsletter. It's that great.

So an offline newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and prospects.

Now, back to your online ezine...

The SBI newsletter module is fine to get started with your newsletter and it may be all you need.

However, every professional Internet marketer uses services such as Aweber to manage their lists.

Why choose Aweber instead of the SBI Newsletter?

Because business is all about the relationship you have with your customers.

By being able to decide in exactly which order your customers receive communications from you, you have a huge advantage over sending the same newsletter to everyone at the same time.

Here's what I mean.

When somebody subscribes to your SBI Newsletter Builder list, they receive every future issue you send them.

You have to focus on building the relationship with readers from scratch in every issue, because you don't know how many times each reader has heard from you.

You of course want to offer products for sale in each issue (that's how you make money, right) but your new readers can get the wrong idea if you appear to be too many pitching products the first time they hear from you.

You can also use Form Build It to create a mini course where you build a relationship with the first few messages and then offer products and services later on.

The downside is that you are limited to just 7 messages with Form Build It, which severely inhibits your ability to generate ongoing profits from your list.

Contrast this with using a service such as Aweber.

You decide what every reader receives in Issue 1, Issue 2, and so on, so you have a chance of building a relationship with readers right from the start.

You don't offer them anything to buy in your first few issues and give great content to build trust. Then when your reader's know you a little better, you can start offering them solutions to their problems in the form of products and services related to your market.

It's a much more controlled system, and once you start using it, you'll never go back.

To learn more about Aweber and how to incorporate it into your Solo Build It site, visit this page.

So, that's it for this lesson.

Remember, your Most Wanted Response in most niches is to get your reader onto a list.

And no matter if you use the SBI Newsletter, a Form Build It mini course, or Aweber, your profits should take a turn for the better.

Until next time,


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