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Solo Build It Mastery Lesson 43 -
5 Fatal Mistakes In Resale Rights Marketing And How To Avoid Them

Welcome to Lesson 43 of the Solo Build It Mastery Coaching Course. 

Today we are going to look at how you can get the absolute best mileage out of purchasing resale rights to products in your niche market. 

We'll also look at how you can increase your profits from products you create yourself by adding resale rights to information products that you create...

In the last lesson we looked at how you can create an unlimited number of products that you can sell from your website.

Now we will take this a step further by discussing how you could sell resale rights to these products to others in your niche market and gain massive leverage for your efforts...

Resale rights marketing is an emerging approach in the field of Internet marketing. There is a growing market for resale rights products in thousands of different niches. More and more online businesses are catering to this segment of the market and have been reporting monumental profits from their efforts - why don't you join them?

Resale rights marketing involves the sale of products with their accompanying resale rights. 

These rights may either be basic resale rights (where the purchaser can resell the products he will buy), master resale rights (where the purchaser can resell the resale rights of the products he will buy) and private label rights (where the purchaser can alter the products he will buy and then sell the products as they are or with accompanying resale rights as well). 

It is not difficult to explain the growing interests on resale rights products. You may have even purchased resale rights products yourself in the past.

These products give purchasers the opportunity to earn income from their purchase immediately because you can then sell the product to other people for profit. 

You won’t have to pay the creator any cumbersome royalty fees. And you get to keep all the income you earn from the sales you make - sure beats affiliate programs.

Though resale rights marketing does seem like a promising field, it is not completely free from problems. 

A lot of Internet marketers who have decided to enter resale rights marketing have been prone to committing some fatal mistakes that really cut into the earnings potential of this approach. 

Let’s take a look at the top four mistakes that resale rights marketers make so that you'll learn how to avoid them...

1. Selling resale rights products to an unlimited number of people 

Your potential customers will find this unsettling because every purchaser of your resale rights products will be each other’s competitor. 

Though the idea of selling an unlimited number of copies sounds very lucrative, you’d find it hard to make some sales because people will stay away from offers where they have unlimited competiton. The value of your resale rights products will diminish. 

Solution: Set a cap as to how many copies you will sell.

2. Failing to clearly spell out the terms and conditions of usage license

Essential in resale rights is the license which every purchaser must abide by. This license is a where the rules are established, and is likewise your guarantee to the purchasers that such rules shall strictly be implemented for the protection of their interests. 

Solution: Carefully write down the limitations of the rights you will convey, and present the same in a license agreement, preferably in .pdf format. 

Adobe documents cannot easily be changed, and it would give your potential customers the security they need.

3. Failing to honor the terms and conditions you have set yourself

Nothing can compromise your brand worse than your failure to live up to your promises. If you promise to sell 50 resale rights of a product, you can’t sell 51 and claim a counting error. 

If you promise to give them private label rights, you cannot restrict the way they could alter the work. 

Solution: Exercise candor and keep your promises in your dealings at all times.

4. Selling resale rights at the height of the product’s market life

This may be a plus for your potential customers, but it surely is a negative for you on a business standpoint. If the product promises high salability, you’ll be better off selling it yourself, exclusively at that, or you may choose to have an affiliate program (Clickbank is a no hassle way of selling information products). 

Nonetheless, this is a matter of preference. If you want to focus on product creation and allow your customers and affiliates to take care of the marketing aspect, then this would prove to be a good approach. 

Solution: Have a business plan before venturing to resale rights marketing.

Action Steps

  • Follow the tips in Lesson 42 for creating your own in-demand information products

  • Watch how others are creating resale rights to their products and use their experience as a model for offering your product with resale rights

  • Make sure you include other money making links inside your product with resale rights attached so you earn residual income for your efforts

  • Right Click Here to Download this free ebook called 7 Infamous Resale Rights Questions Answered for more great tips and ideas on using resale rights to increase your online profits

I really hope this lesson helps you to supercharge the distribution of your own information products by giving others in your niche the chance to spread them virally for you.

Until next time,

Take it easy,

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