Do you recommend using a links page or something else for your link partners? What about linking back
to Directories?

Question - Some directories require a reciprocal link to be listed. I think you or Solo Build It mentioned creating a "Premium Partners" page with these reciprocal links. You have an "Our Partners" page on your Hobbies & Lifestyle site.

Is this the way to go? Should I consider a "Premium Partners" page for these directories and for future link partners?

Answer - I have used a Premium Partners section on actual content pages for people who I'd really like to link with when I had no PageRank, but I don't use it so much any more as I don't need it :-)

Here's an example -

Scroll to the bottom of and you'll see how I set it up.

Having links on content pages is more valuable to your partners and I still put some people in these Premium Partners section, but I still prefer using articles and putting comments on other people's blogs (real ones) and forums. Much better for one way links...

Now I use a partners page for my link exchanges as well as swapping articles with other sites for getting incoming links.

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