Couples Work Together For Mixed Pairs Bodybuilding Competition

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Bodybuilding competition is close to the same for men and women with many of the same poses and physique requirements for consideration. 

The big difference when it comes to mixed pairs bodybuilding, the length of free style in most competitions is two minutes as opposed to 90 seconds in singles competition.

It does require some rehearsal among the competitors as they will be posing together and will need to show some consistency in their routines. 

There is no such thing as a singles winner in mixed pairs bodybuilding competition and one member of the team does not perform well, the pair loses. 

It will take two excellent presentations to win. Despite the physique competition and the muscular presentation, if the pair posing event goes badly, so goes the entire event.

In many mixed pairs bodybuilding competitions the couple workout together, helping each other get into competitive shape. 

Their pairing in the mixed competition is not based on the luck of the draw and they train for months to compete together. 

There are also different bodybuilding organizations across the United State as well as other countries and each one has competitive events in which the couple can compete.

Couples Compete Singly And Together In Mixed Pairs

Many entrants in mixed pairs bodybuilding competitions also compete in singles events in the same competition. 

Men competing against men and women against women, and when the time comes for mixed pairs bodybuilding events, the couple team up. 

In the singles events the individual competitors can vie for the top crown of Mr. or Ms. Universe as well as other top crowns. It has been rare when a singles champion went on to win the couples competition.

In singles events in many competitions sponsored by differing organizations, the classes are typically sorted by weight, with some divided by height. 

In mixed pairs bodybuilding routines there are no differing classes in most competitions. 

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During the posing routine, it is always like watching the couple dance without touching as they move through the posing sequence fluidly, having had time to practice together.

There are competitors from a global base of bodybuilders, both men and women from around the world will gather for competition in global event from Australia, the Philippines and Japan as well as the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom among many others. 

Depending on the organization sponsoring the mixed pairs bodybuilding competition, they could move forward to compete against other organizations in other countries.

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