How can I use SBI to promote my MLM business?

Question - I want to promote my MLM company using a Solo Build It website, how do I go about it?

Answer - There are lots of people promoting different MLM companies with SBI sites, probably the best known is Judd Burton who works for Sitesell.

Read these articles from the Sitesell Tips and techniques headquarters to see how they're doing it -

The way Robert does it at (see the articles above) is a good model to follow, with the following provisos -

Some of his articles are too long. I'd break them up into more manageable chunks and build more pages focused on specific keywords.

The template he's using looks dated, there are many more nicer ones available in SBI now

I'd be totally focused on capturing your visitors name instead of trying to sell them something on the first visit.

Offer a free report or mini course on the topic of the page, set up an autoresponder account with Aweber and then run people through a series of messages explaining the benefits of your products in detail.

Only later introduce the business opportunity to them when they know and trust you.

Also have a look at Judd's site to see how he's put it all together.

You could use Judd's site for a model for your programs as well although I'd still try to build a list rather than sell off the page.

In answer to your specific questions -

Question - Should I make "Name Of MLM Company" my main keyword and have a few pages about the products with a link to my company site?

Answer - No. Promoting your MLM straight out on the web probably won't work. Read the articles above for the best model for building a site to promote your MLM business.

The keyword about your company probably won't mean anything to most people even if they've seen it on TV. Have a page about it for sure with some content about the Company, but preferably not the main keyword of the site.

Choose the biggest benefit your main product gives your readers and use that as your main keyword once you've made sure that the keyword is searched for at least 30,000 times a month and preferably 100,000 times a month.

Question - Or should I have a link to the business building site that will give the prospect an excellent way to get involved with an instant answer to how to buy their own leads and have a great site without having to build their own site from scratch (like I am doing trying to create free leads)

Answer - Yes, but only after you've captured your visitors name and they have expressed interest in the business opportunity. You don't want to scare them of too soon with a pitch for the business when they are only interested in the products.

Question - I am mostly confused right now on the whole keyword search because the best and almost only word it seems I can use is "Name Of Company"

Other words are energy, Sleep relief, pain relief, nanotechnology, endurance, strength, mental clarity and patch.

Answer - These are the keywords you need to brainstorm and find high profitability words that people are searching for, then build your pages around them.

These words themselves will be hard to get ranked for because they are so generic, but you'll find others where you can get your site onto the first page of Yahoo and Google over time and people will find your site that way.

Don't worry too much about finding keywords to the detriment of getting your site up. Once you have 20 words that relate to your niche, build the site.

We'll be using joint ventures and other methods in the coaching course to find related partners who can promote your site and products for you.

For now, find 20 good words that reflect your company and start building. Build your lifewave and lifewave patch pages as two of your first so they're out there when people search for these words but get the others started as well.