How do I use Name Park It
to redirect additional domains
to my Solo Build It site?

Question - I want to register the other also and point them all to one address, how do I get this done with Solo Build It 

Answer - You can register the other variations using Name Park It for about $10 a year each and then just redirect them to your main domain. Once you register each one, instructions on how to redirect it are there for you inside the Name Park It area. Listn to this short audio answer for more details -

It's also a great idea to register domains for any potential misspellings or similar names as well. That way you will get every bit of possible traffic for your Solo Build It site and you won't miss out on all those people who just can't spell :-).

To find Name Park It, just log in to Solo Build It, then from the drop down menu at the top of the page, choose Name Park It and follow the instructions.