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For many, bodybuilding is more than having a well-defined, sculpted body as the efforts that go into natural bodybuilding can also have an impact on the everyday life of the bodybuilder. 

The focus and dedication required to build muscles is intense and that dedication and commitment can be translated into other aspects of a person’s life.

The main requirement for natural bodybuilding is to develop all muscle without the help of drugs or steroidal supplements. 

A complete list of all banned substances can be obtained from the North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation and if any banned substance is found in a competitor’s system, they will be disqualified from competition. 

Even products prescribed by a physician, if banned by the NANBF, will be a reason for disqualification.

All competitors will undergo a polygraph test to determine whether any banned substances were used and natural bodybuilding class winners will undergo uninalysis. 

If banned substances are found in the urine, they will be disqualified and their loss posted. 

Male and female competitors will undergo the same testing procedures and while promoters have the option of which competitors will be tested, all first place winners must be tested according to NANBF rules.

Posing Plays Part In Competition

While physique is a major part of competition for natural bodybuilding, posing is also a major part of determining a winner. 

There are specific poses mandated for the contestants and physique judging comprises muscularity as well as symmetry and presentation, which includes stage presentation as well as posture and skin care. 

There are parts of the presentation that do not stem from the size and definition of the muscles.

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Posing will require the natural bodybuilding competitor to strike specific poses and a part of the judging will be on how fluid the movements are when progressing through the different poses as well as their posture before and after the sequence. 

The ability of the contestant in any natural bodybuilding championship to remain focused on the physique portion of the competition as well as remain naturally relaxed while posing can cause the addition of points or the loss of points as they move past the judges.

Regardless of their performance in all aspects of the competition, winners will have to undergo drug testing, knowing the consequences for testing positive will be disqualification from the event, and possibly from future events as well. 

In natural bodybuilding all muscle toning and strength training must be done, naturally, hence the name of the competitions.

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