The Site Build It Mastery April Newsletter

In this issue -

  • Three new sources of images for your website

  • How to create a compelling headline. A new 'Bullet' from Gary Bencivenga

  • The power of having your own product and affiliate program

  • Traffic they really work for generating 'real' visitors to your website?


Hi again and welcome to this Newsletter.

As you probably know, I've just spent a week away from the computer on holiday and I have to say, it was really good to forget about everything and just relax for a few days. We visited friends interstate, caught up on all sorts of stuff, walked through some of Victoria's national parks, toured an old gold mine and honestly had a ball. 

After flying home and getting back to work, we decided that we will definitely be taking more time off in the future and spending less time working.

The passing away of my great mentor Gary Halbert ( this week also caused me to reflect on how short life really is. Gary wrote compelling sales copy that generated literally BILLIONS of dollars for himself and his clients over the last three decades. 

Sadly, the world has lost a master copywriter and a wonderful teacher, and his passing will be remembered as a sad day for many marketers and Gary's friends both online and offline.

Life is indeed short. Make sure you make the most out of every day and above all, have fun. You never know when your time will come...

On a lighter note, I've got some great information for you this month. I hope it helps you to build your business and bring your goals that much closer...

To your success,


Three new sources of images for your website

A number of students have asked me for additional photo sources of images for their websites. I've found these three, I hope they help - 


How to create a compelling headline. A
new 'Bullet' from Gary Bencivenga

I've mentioned Gary Bencivenga before and he's just released a new 'Bullet' newsletter on his website. In it he gives a tribute to Gary Halbert and shares his thoughts on what makes a compelling headline.

As many students have a problem with this most important topic, Gary's latest newsletter is a must-read for everyone...

Read Gary's latest 'Bullet' here -


The power of having your own product
and affiliate program to promote it...

Since we started the affiliate program for our Futures Trading Coach website, our daily traffic has jumped from 31 visitors a day to as many as 500, and many of these are from affiliates sending us visitors through their affiliate links.

As I'll discuss below, much of this is very low quality 'junk' traffic, but some of it is highly targeted and is certainly worthwhile considering it doesn't cost us anything. 

This additional traffic has brought home to me the power of having your own product and then using affiliates to drive traffic to it instead of relying on search engines, Pay Per Click advertising, articles and the other traffic generation methods we've already discussed.

The two things you need to benefit from your own affiliate program are -

  • A product of some sort that you own or control

  • The knowledge and skills required to create your own top performing affiliate program

When I first started online, the thought of creating my own products never entered my mind. I was happy to sell affiliate products and just share in other people's success.

But over time, I saw that the product owners were making a growing number of sales from my efforts without having to do anything after the product was created. They earned up to half of the sale proceeds on MY traffic, and only paid me once I made a sale.

Once I realized this, I started creating my own products and listing them for affiliates to sell. This is a great system, but the problem for most people is, they don't have a product, and they don't know how to set up an affiliate program.

Here are two resources that can help you.

Ken Evoy's ebook Make Your Knowledge Sell shows you step by step how to extract your experience and knowledge from inside your head and turn it into a high profit info product you can sell online.

Jimmy Brown's latest Audio Newsletter contains a two-part guide that shows you exactly how to set up your own affiliate program and supercharge your sales.

Last month's Part 1 covered the first steps of setting up an affiliate marketing system that helps you immediately start promoting your new product through an army of affiliates.

He calls this his 'Sales Army' process and in the first part he covers -

S – SETUP your program. 

A – ASSEMBLE tools. 

L – LOOK for an edge. 

E – EXPLAIN the benefits. 

S – SEARCH for partners. 

This month in Part 2 he completes the series and covers -

A – APPLY gentle pressure. 

R – RECRUIT indirectly. 

M – MAKE an investment. 

Y – YEARN to expand. 

He normally doesn't let the content from a previous month overlap into a new month, but because this is a two-part series, he has left last month's audio and PDF Report available for download this month.

If you feel you will ever want to create your own products (even if this looks unlikely right now) I recommend you log in to your List and Traffic account now and download both of these audios/PDF's before the end of the month.

If you aren't a member yet, join now and grab these two month's worth of content. An affiliate program and your own product will multiply your website's profits. 

This two part series will show you exactly how to get the most out of your affiliates and supercharge your sales. Make sure you grab it now before it's removed at the end of April...

You can join List and Traffic here.


Traffic they actually work for
generating 'real' visitors to your website?

One of the main points Jimmy makes in his affiliate program articles mentioned above is that to get the most out of your affiliate program, you have to train your affiliates. And even though I've included a training program for our affiliates to learn from, unfortunately some people don't like that 'W' word - work.

I've noticed a large number of our affiliates have been sending traffic to the site through traffic exchanges and 'junk' traffic sites such as -

In fact, these 5 sites have generated a significant number of visitors, but because it's not 'real' traffic, but simply people visiting the site to get credits for themselves, it just doesn't convert into subscribers or sales.

The bottom line is -

As Ken says, don't waste your time working with these sort of 'newbie' sites trying to get traffic from any source. Build 'real' content, write and submit articles to authority sites such as and, and exchange links with related sites. You'll then have 'real' visitors coming to your site and reading what you have to say...and they'll buy your stuff :-)

Then, read Make Your Knowledge Sell and create a product of your own. And promote it through your site and to your current list members, then start an Affiliate Program and enlist hundreds of other webmasters to help you sell it...

Jimmy's Newsletter this month will show you how to do that step by step (but you've only got a few more days before it will be taken away).

Don't rely on Adsense and affiliate products for your monetization options. The big money is in having your own list, your own products and having an army of affiliates selling them for you.

Follow this model and watch your online profits soar :-)

That's it for today. I really hope this issue helps you to get the most out of your online business.

Until next time,

Warmest regards,

P.S. If you'd like my help to implement any of theses strategies to start getting the very best out of your Site Build It site,

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