Two Great Questions On Setting Up Your Newsletter...

Question - I'm at the stage of starting to build my free newsletter sign-up page and start building my subscriber list for my niche golf site.

I'm leaning towards subscribing to Aweber after reading your lesson number 7. With that comes more questions.

1. Should I have some initial "welcome" type emails prepared first before putting the free newsletter sign-up form on my site? That way I can then load them into Aweber for new subscribers to receive.

2. What suggestions do you have in my setting up of Aweber? I'm sure you have learned a thing or two during your subscription to their service.

Answer - I agree it's time to start setting up your list and as long as you have half a dozen initial emails ready in your sequence that should be enough.

Depending on what you are going to offer subscribers to join, the best deliver spacing for emails are -

If you offer a mini course to new subscribers, send the first lessons one day after another for 3, 5 or 7 days, then send messages once a week after that.

If you offer a once off free download like an ebook, send your messages on day 1, then after 3 days, 4 days, 3 days, 4 days, and so on forever after that.

These sequence have been proven to be effective for some of the big marketers so that's good enough for me :-)

Be careful not to pitch products at all in your first 3 or 4 messages (you can mention them but don't go too hard until you have a relationship built) and then only sparingly after that.

Another great tip that I've started implementing (wish I'd learned this earlier) is when people subscribe to a mini course, use Aweber to automatically subscribe them to your MASTER list as well.

There is a function inside Aweber (Go to Leads, Automation, and just add a new rule there) that allows you to automatically subscribe or un subscribe people from one list when they subscribe or un subscribe from another one.

That way, whenever somebody subscribes to a mini course on say 'The 3 Top Tips On Driving 30 Yards Further In 10 Days Or Less' they are automatically subscribed to your master list.

Your master list is where your newsletter lives, where you make your main offers a couple of times a month, where you announce new stuff and basically keep in touch with your readers.

If you do this, your master list grows automatically every time you promote a new mini course or free report in one of your marketing campaigns.

Of course, you have to let people know on the sign up page that they will also be receiving your newsletter and that they can un subscribe at any time, but most won't object because they'll be happy to hear from you regularly.

You can set up messages in your master list to go out at 1 week intervals with timeless info, and then add the occasional offer or special announcement as you wish.

The mini courses go out to everyone who joins the list on the respective days with follow up messages in them as well promoting closely related products to the original content of other course.

Put an opt in form on every page of your site, preferably somewhere inside the body copy, and you'll get more people to join than any other way.

Also I've found that the Fly-in hover popup that comes standard with Aweber does very well in attracting new subscribers so you could offer a mini course or use one for your main newsletter using one of these on every page.

Set the frequency (how often visitors see the popup) to say every 10 days (so they'll only see it at 10 day intervals if they come back to your site, not every time the page loads) and include the form's JavaScript at the bottom of every page.

It will definitely increase newsletter subscribers and the more subscribers you have the more money you will make. To learn more about Aweber and get a 30 day free trial, Click Here...

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