Do You Recommend Niche Content Packages For Website content?

Question - I'm thinking of using Niche Content Packages (NCP) articles for my website content. What do you think of their articles?

Answer - I have used niche content packages articles for about 70% of the content of my hobby and lifestyle site and I've found them very good.

The problem is that the smarter Google gets in the future, the odds are that they will start to de-rank your site if you don't heavily modify every article you buy from places like this.

They do this by testing for phrases that repeat in more than one page on multiple sites.

For example, if you use an article and it includes the phrase -

'You can take everything you need from this source and rebrand it.'

...and their system searches for that phrase (or any other phrase from a content provider site like NCP and there are lots of them now) every page with that phrase could be ranked lower (that's 250 of them at least using NCP articles as an example and more for other content providers I've seen).

For this reason, I use the NCP articles as a template and change them substantially so that hopefully I won't get de-ranked over time as Google's new phrase matching technology comes on line.

I also write a lot of my own content but again this takes time.

The other thing is that you get a wide range of topics with NCP which isn't really suitable to a Solo Build It style website where you want to build a lot of content around one theme.

We've got a lot of different themes on hobby and lifestyle because we plan on building a big portal over time. If you would like to do this, then the niche content packages articles are good, but if not, maybe stay away.

Another alternative...

What a lot of people do is go to and post a job for writing say 50 articles on a specific topic for $10 to $15 each.

Make sure you get the copyright to them and that they aren't copied by the author for anyone else (you can stipulate this in the agreement at elance) and then you use them to build a tightly focused site around your chosen topic.

Do your brainstorming, find your keywords then give them to the author to create articles around.

Maybe try getting 5 articles written first by a couple of different authors to test the quality (and don't expect higher prices to give you better quality articles), and take it from there.

You want to own the copyright to these articles because you can then submit them (with a few edits) to article directories and ezine publishers for additional traffic generation.