Product Review - The Nikon D70s Digital Camera

The Nikon D70s digital camera is the next generation of this popular series from Nikon. The success of its predecessor, the D70, have made this upgraded version an instant hit with camera users looking for a great product, all the features you'd expect in a professional quality camera, but at a price that won't break your budget.

With lots of internal and external refinements including an updated auto-focus system, a larger LCD monitor, the addition of a remote cord port and a brand new graphic user interface, the Nikon D70s is your complete digital camera package. 

Designed for both experienced and amateur photographers to use with ease, the Nikon D70s has a proven track record of giving it's owners premium image quality, reliable performance, with many advanced features that make it a joy to own. 

The DX 70's 6.1 megapixel CCD sensor is optimized to provide you with images with wonderful sharpness and clarity. 

A new and improved (over the older model) auto-focus system delivers great performance, especially with closest subject priority modes. 

Nikon has taken their best-selling D70 digital camera and added a host of new features that will appeal to hobby and professional photographers alike. 

For your convenience, the Nikon D70s now has a larger 2 inch LCD monitor, making it much easier to review your images and access it's main menus. 

Features such as a built-in Speedlight with a wider angle of coverage which supports 18mm lenses, an easier-to-read menu design with a larger type-face, and a higher capacity EN-EL3a battery, combine to create a winning package.

For a full featured digital camera that gives you professional performance at a price that won't break the bank, the Nikon D70s is definitely the right choice.