I'm really not an expert on anything, what can I build a profitable Solo Build It site around?

Question - Right now I really am not an expert on anything. I have been in the retail business for over 20 years in sales and management. 

I really only want to do this part time and eventually do it full time. I realize I must get a website first but I don't know what to write about. 

Answer - I know what you mean. It's sometimes hard to work out what we could possibly become an 'expert' in but often it is sitting right under our noses.

You mentioned that you have had a retail business for 20 years; I'm sure you have learned a lot of stuff that you could share with other retailers to help them grow their businesses. 

You could either create coaching/how to type products for them or just create articles giving tips and advice and sell sales enhancing products created by others to them as an affiliate.

If you think about it, there's probably a gold mine of info sitting inside your head that people would pay a fortune to know - short cuts, specific marketing and management tips you found to work well, ideas for increasing sales specific to furniture retailers that most people overlook, how to hire sales superstars, how to keep great talent...

Just my thoughts.

Or you could take a hobby or pastime and BECOME somewhat of an expert in it in a short amount of time by studying all the free stuff online, buying books, reading magazines, etc. Then set up a site giving advice to others in that niche. 

I've found that by simply answering people's questions you can build a very profitable business and use your answers (with some info changed to protect people's ideas and privacy) to create lots of content, articles, mini courses and even products.