My thoughts on the niche -
Online Security

Question - I am thinking of building a Solo Build It site based around the market of online security. What are your honest thoughts on this as a niche?

Answer - The niche on line security certainly has a LOT of money changing hands, but unfortunately that means there's also a lot of competition, and also a lot of good marketers working there. 

There are lots of areas here that encompass the online security field, including Spam reduction, tools and information to help people stop phishing attempts, free spyware downloads and all sorts of other stuff.

Go in and brainstorm the topic and see if you can uncover high profitability keywords you can rank well for, that will tell you whether it's worthwhile building an entire site around it, just a section of another site, or nothing at all.

The other way to go into a high competition niche instead of toughing it out in the search engines is by using LOTS of articles submitted to hundreds of article directories to generate your traffic. 

This takes a while (but you can automate the submission process to a large extent by using a service such as Article and have the articles written by others for 10 to 15 bucks each at places like or but article submissions give you both short and long-term traffic, so it's a great way of building a business in a tough, highly competitive area.

Give your article writers your online security, Spam, phishing, and spy ware download keywords and let them create the content for you. Submit your articles to the article directories using something like Article and see if you get any results.

Then change and optimize your articles like I show you in the lessons, add them to your site as well and you could do OK even there.

If this market isn't you because it's too difficult, and if there's too much competition after running the Brainstormer over it, I'd recommend going after something easier. There are millions of areas you can focus on, starting with your passions, so that's where I'd be heading first.